I just wished 3 strangers a Merry Christmas...

…all while wearing a heavy winter coat and wool cap.

Less than three weeks ago, I was wishing people a happy summer, while wearing a bathing suit, tee, and sandals.

From hot sun to snow in less than three weeks. The funny part? I’m going on a beach vacation tomorrow. I’m bringing my winter gloves and my beach towel. I’m debating my fur-lined snorkel.

The local drugstore has stripped their Halloween aisle and replaced it with tinsel and tree ornaments. Bah, Humbug.

We had snow accumulating last night north of Boston, but still haven’t had a killing frost. Which made for a pretty subdued foliage season.

I still have snow on my lawn and a smattering of it on my street. I’d guess there’s about 2" on my lawn. My firewood guy just told me that our part of MA is supposed to get a nor’easter this weekend but I haven’t heard anything to confirm that.

I’ve got a nice fire going so I’m not complaining. I like winter.