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Manhattan: When I woke up Sunday morning after the latest ChiDope, I felt like there were a thousand tiny construction workers working with jack hammers on my brain. Thank God for the patented jarbabyj’s Hangover Cure. I’d still be in bed crying my eyes out without it. And I got it at WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF.

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We’ve all had this problem: With the occasional death of a hamster, the SDMB runs a little slow for a little while. Unsure if our post ever made it to the server, we accidently hit Submit twice.

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Libertarian: A few months back, I was a little down on myself. I wasn’t sure if I should be posting to the SDMB, and I second-guessed all my comments. I was afraid to start threads, and thought I had lost my touch. That’s when I went to WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF and got, on sale Scylla’s Ego Inflater/Massager It literally saved my life by convincing me I was the best poster ever. And I still use it to this day. All I can say is THANK YOU to WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF.

As many of you fans are well-aware, Wendsdays are “Email Days” here at WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF. Every Wendsday we take a few minutes to answer some of the emails that come in, and try and help out the Doper Community. Let’s get started.

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DavidB: Get that expletive deleted camera out of my expletive deleted face before I jam it up your expletive deleted and use your expletive deleted as my footstool. Get me another expletive deleted drink, Dammit.

Oops, maybe now is not the best time to bother poor David.

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Dear Hamlet,

I lost my entire post count in the great crash of '01, and am only now working my way back to 100. Do you sell any kind of post-padding products?

Wow, I don’t know whether to feel honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Gaudere and Manhattan, or to contact my attorney over untrue representation. Where’s Zappo when you need him?

But to be clear, I feel it’s safe to say that I would never, ever put SPOOFE’s toothbrush, or anything else that’s been in his mouth, into my own mouth. Although I do have a dental appointment on Friday morning, so the part about good oral hygiene is correct. I don’t want to end up like Mitzi Gaynor…

Dear Wacky Hamlet,

When I first joined the Doper ranks, I did most of my posting in MPSIMS. But now, thanks to your amazing Guide to Posting in Multiple Forums (only 3 easy payments of $19.95!), Now I am confidently posting informative and interesting posts in GD, GQ, and even Cafe Society. Thanks, WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF !!


I don’t think its been in his MOUTH.

Dear Wacky Hamlet,

 I wish I could participate in flirt threads, but I can't seem to loosen up.  Suggestive comments are beyond my grasp.  Innuendo is a foreign concept.  Plus I worry that even if I do toss out a *bon mot*, it may go unheeded, and we all know an ignored flirt is worse than not flirting at all.  *Please*, can you help me??  I need to feel loved!!!

[sub]shy and insecure[/sub]FairyChatMom

Res Ipsa Loquiter:

I have you down for one handy’s drive-by Poster Helper. Watch as, within minutes, you post count climbs into the hundreds, then thousands, then TENS of thousands, without all the worrying about making sense or adding something relevant. Good Luck with your purchase.


We here at WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF are very pleased that you are enjoying your purchase. Remember, all purchases are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* If for any reason**, you don’t wish your product anymore, please return it to your nearest WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF for your money back.***


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First, we’ll send you one copy of TruePisces’s Guide to Flirting on the Boards, which is now in it’s second printing, and is based on her unbelievably successful Flirt Academy That should give you all the hints you need to succeed.

However, one important part of flirting is resilance. And nothing can help you be as tenacious and blatant as Superdude’s new book Never say Never (I think she likes me). This book will give you all the hints and help you need to overcome your naturally withdrawn personality. Best of luck, FairyChatMom. Let us know how it goes.

*[sub]The satisfaction guaranteed is that of WACKY HAMLET’S HOUSE O’ DOPER STUFF[/sub]

**[sub]By any reason we mean only if the products actually kills you. If you bring the product to the store after you are dead, then we’ll give you a replacement product of equal or much lesser value.[/sub]

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