I lead a very intersting life. part IV

I like to spend a lot of time at really seedy dive bars because I enjoy the strange people. Some times I post these threads in the pit because they suck , and some times I post them here because they’re really mundane, but this one crosses into surreal.

So, I’m sitting in one of my dive bars tonight, and a guy sits down next to me. I know him from previous vists, and the guy is pretty much insane when he drinks. He has a shaved head, is obviously drunk, and ranting about various parts of his life, one second about how is is going to kill people, the next about how I’m the best friend he has ever had, and how he used to have hair like mine. Seemed like normal wasted guy stuff , and I did my best to be inoffensive and listen to what he had said.

Then suddenly his eyes got wierd, and he said “those are the ones that killed the antelope and many other animals and put them on their walls, They took my hair,and I will kill them, and even after I die my animal spirt will stalk them until justice is done.”

That was enough wierdness and freaky drunk conversation from him for me, so I got up and wandered around the bar, to the bathroom, and noticed one of my old time friends. So I went up and talked to him. After about 5 minutes of conversation I notice one of his companions motioning to me, so I noticed them for the first time.

They were about 60 year old Native American women, which seemes wierd, since he was a notorius hit-on-anything-hot-and-young-that-moves kind of guy . The one wanted to feel my hair(I have very long, fairly nice hair, so I am used it), so I said okay. After playing with my hair for a couple minutes, she said “let me see your hand”. I said “Why”, and she said “So I can read it”. I was amused and confused, but I let her read my palm.

She got a horrified look in her eyes, and said “you are from the place that isn’t there”

I said “what?”

She said “You know what I’m talking about.”

I said “I have absoultly no idea.”

She said “you will.” still holding on to my hand, with one hand, and playing with my hair with the other"

Just then the drunk guy from earlier grabbed my shoulded and pulled me away hard. He spun me around stared into my eyes and said “That’s them,. They are the evil ones. Their the ones who stole my hair, and hurt my soul, They want yours too.”

That was pretty much the limit of my wierdness tolerance quotia for the day, so I turned away and left the bar quickly, because I realized I had just lived the first three chapters of a Stephen King novel.

I’m not a superstitious guy, but that is flat out fucked up. But it is one of the reasons I love dives, it is seldom boring. :slight_smile:

wolfman, you have the best stories!

So, where are you from?

note to self: never go out with wolfman

Creepy! It’s like something from a Carlos Castinada book!

So it was the old Indian babes who stole my hair! Dirty little @&#%'s!

Well, if my hair starts falling out or anything, I’m gonna look up antelope spirit boy and go stomp some freaky Indian witch chick ass. :wink:


… tres bizarre.

Not unheard of, but bizarre.

Oh come on! You hear about this kind of thing all the time, right?