I like baked goods with lemon and alcoholic drinks with lime

And not the reverse, although I’ve never seen a recipe for “lime poppy seed muffins.”

I don’t like cocktails made with lemon. Any time I see a cocktail recipe that calls for lemon, I replace it with lime. The results are always sublime (heh).

It kinda seems weird to me because I love lemon poppy seed cake. I love lemon bars. But why in baked shit and not drinks?

And I’m not a big fan of lemonade. It’s okay. I can tolerate it more than I can a drink with liquor in it. But I remember being in third grade at field day, and one of the parents had made limeade instead of lemonade. I took one taste, and even at the age of eight I asked myself, “Why would adults hold out on this?”

I mostly agree with you. Lime goes in most of my cocktails, and lemon baked goods are great. But I like key lime squares, and my favorite cocktail (the Aviation) has lemon in it.

Fisherman’s pie soured with lemon, downed with gin/lime gimlet. Hmmm…

Lemonade makes my teeth itch. And yes, that’s the only way I can describe it. Lime just seems more refreshing to me and I couldn’t tell you why. Not a fan of sweet baked goods, but just wanted to weigh in on drink flavors.

Cite??? (I.e., recipe?)

Yeah, I could Google it, but I want your recipe :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried (meaning the lemon fish pie.) My wife does the creamed recipe from the old sunset book. Dunno how introducing lemon juice will affect the taste. Maybe do away with the cream and cheese in cooking the fish. Cook it instead in butter and lemon, add a viable extender like vegetables or bread or tofu, and then top the whole thing with mashed potatoes and then bake. I’m not an expert baker, you know.

The gimlet is reportedly Doug Macarthur’s favorite so you can google that.