I like bananas a bunch

I’m sure that she has some good ideas percolating.

I read her last piece in Le Monde – she’s big with the French press, you know.

Really? I thought she was somewhat of a drip.

Au lait off her!

Sounds like she has some panaché.

When done well, cooking with flambé shows flashy panache. When too well done, it shows a flash and pan ash.

I think I’ll change my screen name to “flashy_panache”. Except that Flash is no longer supported.

I thought Barry Allen made pretty good money as a scientist, and didn’t need to be supported.

Indeed, he was rich and flamous.

150 years ago everyone owned a horse, and only the rich had cars. Today everyone own cars, and only the rich own horses. The stables have turned.

The shoe is on the other hoof, it would seem.

I had to help my Uncle Jack off a horse one time when he got stuck on it.

He musta felt giddy up there.

I was told of a runaway horse the other day. It was a terrible tale of whoa.

Many ranchers have experienced runaway horses, according to a recent gallop poll.

I remember reading about a cattle farmer who lost a bunch of them when a fence broke. Needless to say, he was not a jolly rancher.

You should post a pic of that fence online.

Bananas are my favorite fruit, but I find their rapid decline very annoying. I eat 2 along with a yogurt and some unsalted nuts at work every day, but I can’t shop for more than 3 days because they go bad. I’ve thrown out many bananas for that reason.

I like bananas a bunch.

Because they go to sundae school.

Yes, bananas have lots of appeal.