I like bananas a bunch

Wiz is short for Wizard. Dumbledore’s got prostate troubles.

I’m really happy after my prostate exam. My doctor gave me the thumbs up.

I got my first prostate exam last week. I am not going to that dentist again.

Sounds like you need to get a “this end up” sticker.

You’d think that even a dentist would know the drill.

Your dentist must be enameled of you.

That really gets to the root of the issue.

Is that really the fact, or is that just pulp fiction?

I’m not sure. What can we extract from that?

Is it true that the best way to get a job in a dentist’s office is by word of mouth?

You mean aurally?

Dentist do or dentist do not. There is no dentistry.

Judges do or judges do not. There is no trial.

Wouldn’t that be courting disaster?

The jury’s still out on that.

Wonder if they’ll grant bailiff the defendant deserves it.

Long ago, monarchs would act as judges. Some of them didn’t want to do it, leading to usurpations by pretenders to the throne. Hence the saying, “if at first you don’t try, succeed, succeed again.”

A judge called me egotistical and conceited. I think I’m appealing.

I used to judge orchestra championships but I quit when too many of the musicians kept trying to win with their sib stories. They were always trying to get the symphony vote.