I like my local pub

My local pub is a faux-Irish pub, normally with good beer (but for the past few months, not able to get any Irish beers due to Covid-related supply issues). Food is good, although can fluctuate with the cook.

But it’s just a cozy spot to go to, even during the pandemic. When they were closed during lock-down, they put up brown paper on the inside of the windows, which made me worry they might be done for good, but when the opening up started, they were right back. Hand-sanitiser mandatory as soon as you com in; all staff wearing masks full-time. They’ve taken out some of the tables, and installed plexi-glass for all the booths and seem to be doing okay.

And the bar staff are interesting. A while ago, I caught Max the barkeep saying (through his mask) to one of the guys at the bar, “Well, yes, but I always assumed that was just propaganda that the ancien regime put out when they came back, to justify exiling Napoleon.” No idea what he was responding to.


Probably the rumor that Napoleon converted to Islam. It was a rumor that Napoleon actually encouraged when the French were trying to colonize Egypt.

I miss my local pub.

Oh, they’re open all right. The place is packed with old guys getting away from their wives, shoulder-to-shoulder at the bar, shouting about politicians and cheering at whatever sporting event is on the TVs.

No masks, no caution. No giving a crap if anyone gets sick.

I retired to spend more quality time with my tavern, but I call it “the local Petri dish” and haven’t been back there yet.

That was probably so they could informally open for some friends and regulars. A lot of bars, barber shops/hair salons, nail places, etc did that around here.

That’s exactly what I was going to say. A lot of places around here that had their windows covered did it because they were open and didn’t want it be completely obvious to everyone that drove past.

My local sports bar, like every other establishment, closed; but instead of brown paper, they eventually put a “For Sale” sign in the window. Seems they just couldn’t survive the length of time everything was closed.

We regulars are in touch with each other, and have been meeting up at another sports bar, but not as often as we used to. It’s a nice place, but it’s going to be a while before it feels like home.

I really miss my bar. I haven’t been to a bar (or restaurant) since mid-March and it’s not normal. I would have normally been at least a few times since the Bears opener five weeks ago. I miss my drinking buddies, my bartender pals and the other barflies. We’ll see if I make it but my intention now is to avoid these places till I’ve had a vaccine or recover after a positive diagnosis.

My local pub feels much safer than a trip to the supermarket, that’s for sure. But this 10pm curfew nonsense is killing them off.

My local as a decent sized car park so when they first reopened they set up marquees out there and kept the inside closed. Now that it’s getting colder the space outside has been reduced and space opened up inside. You have to book in advance and it fills up quickly on the weekends. At first they had a reduced beer range but now they’re back to 10 cask ales and 5 craft taps.

A friend of mine that owns a bar just bought like 6 or 8 propane patio heaters. Of course, this being Wisconsin, she’ll likely only be able to buy herself an extra month, maybe two if the beginning of winter is mild. But, as soon as it’s regularly below 25ish (F), that’ll be the end of it until early spring.

So where’s the bar with heaters?

I’d huddle under a heater if it meant I could have a Spotted Cow and bitch about the Packers…

(I’ve been on a quest to find anyplace in Madison where I can sit outside and watch football on TV. We don’t have cable, and the aforementioned pub was my go-to for NFL games)