I Like To Buy Lingerie.......

We know what you mean love… ::wink wink::

I have an entire dresser full of the lingere I’ve been bought (although some I have bought myself to surprise him) I have quite the range of style too. My hubby is fine about going unaided and unprodded into victoria secrets or fredericks.

The first thing he ever bought me is a teal see-thru teddy. Very pretty/classy. It was for our first Christmas together… Now he hadn’t had a lot of girlfriends and his sister was only 15 at the time so he asked his mom if she thought I’d like it.:eek:

We’ve been together 12 years and married 7 (with one toddler and a baby on the way) and I think she’s finally now adjusting to that shock :slight_smile:

So far, SO doesn’t buy me things he likes, but instead, gives me gift certificates to VS to buy something for our time together, which I more prefer, as I am VERY picky with what I wear. Plus, so far, I’ve been lucky and nearly everything I like is on the sale rack, so I always have a little left over for new undies or a new bra.

That’s not wrong, is it? He’s always very happy with my choices:).