I Like To Buy Lingerie.......

… for my Significant Other! (What did y’all think I was gonna say, you little heathens??? :D) )

She is always pleasantly surprised at my choices and has her own drawer where she keeps the various items I buy for her. (We don’t live together!)

So are there any other guys like me that love to see their honeys in something they bought? Is it appreciated? And do you have stories you would like to share with me?

I’ll start if off, okay? :wink:

The first time I bought Pam anything like that, I was mucho embarrased to ask for any assistance, so I wandered through the lingerie aisle by myself, sure that my face looked like a traffic light saying STOP, and very self-conscious. But here’s the kicker…

Pam and I are the same height, so when I found something I thought she would like, I held it in front of myself in front of the mirror in the store.

Wrong move, 'cause I started hearing giggles in back of me.

“It’s not for me!”, I stammered, to no avail. Suuuure, I could hear them saying… :smiley:

Point in my favor: I stood my ground and made it to the checkout with my masculinity intact and have bought her more little “dainties” since then with no shame!

She loves everything I have bought her and looks terrific!

So do any of you guys do that for your sweethearts ?


Your significant Otter!!!


Yup, I do. The first couple of times I was very embarassed. When I walked in I must have had that special look that men get in lingerie stores; you know, the one reserved for straight men who probably don’t even know “her size”

So apparently there is always a more mature - cough - sales lady who is on call to help the helpless. Seriously, these ladies are great. They have understood the entire situation, and gently guided me in the right direction. Apparently they are skilled in converting odd hand guestures into sizes and shapes of women’s parts, and can convert words like "Uh’ into “So you think she will look good in purple and silver leopard print?”

However, one does learn, so now I can walk in with sizes already known, and armed with the knowledge of what the color taupe really looks like, and what a demi cup means. Head high, I can confidently grab the first thing that looks vaguely suitable, and get out quick!

BTW, my wife does think that it is sweet that I get her stuff. I wonder why she rarely wears it???

irishfella took a girl-friend with him when he bought my valentines present. she tried everything on, and rated it on comfort and tackiness.

sensible move.

a nice babydoll and thong set was the result.

I’ve done it. Bought a sexy piece that catered to my particular fetishes, and gave it to Pepper Mill.

She looked at it dubiously, then insisted on trying it on. This took a bit of doing, but the result was worth it. She looked sexy.

The effect upon her own state of mind was pretty startling. She practically raped me.

I’ve been to Lane Bryant and such with B. I am, how shall we say, very fond of going through their corset and underthing collection.

Especially as she needs help with the corsets. And with putting the one she has on.

[sub]She likes it, I like it, what harm si there?:)[/sub]

My husband bought me a nightgown thingie once. It was OK, but just not me. I get nothing out of dressing up, and I don’t think he really cares one way or the other. There was one time I tried to dress up for him, but I got the giggles and it pretty much spoiled the mood.

In my infinitely practical heart-of-hearts, I look at lingerie as a waste of money. At least for me.

I try, but frankly Welbywife looks so good naked that I hate to cover her up. :slight_smile:

My wife went to the beach one weekend with her parents, and as a surprise, I bought her a sexy li’l negligee thingie. I slipped it under the covers of our bed for her to find, as a surprise.

Guys, don’t ever do this…

Luckily, it still had that store smell, and not perfume, so she believed me…

I used to, but she quit wearing them so I stopped. Now she wears some crappy looking cotton thing that covers her from head to toe, not that it matters she doesn’t come to bed till well after I asleep anyway. Last one I bought never even made it out of the box.

The worst was when I went to Victoria’s Secrets. As I was trying to buy something for my wife, the helpfull sales lady was attempting to assist me in finding the right size. As I was describing my wife’s…ahhh…shape, she pointed to her chest and said “About my size?”. Exactlly what is the protocal there? I mean normally I’m working to avoid looking at women’s chests, and here’s a sales lady asking me to size her up, and compair her to my wife’s chest?

I wish my hubby would buy me lingerie. Just once! He says lingerie does nothing for him. Like welby, he just likes the whole birthday suit or tank top and boxers look.

I used to buy lingerie that I thought he’d like, slip into it and pose seductively on the bed. After the inevitable happened, I’d ask if he liked the particular number I chose. He’d just say, eh, you’d look sexy in anything (have I got him trained, or what?). I gave up. I can’t remember the last time I bought lingerie.

Yeah, it’s great. I buy my wife Saran Wrap all the time.

Wow, Juanita, I guess Welbywife has me trained too. But happily so.

Don’t get me wrong though, occasionally she’ll get all dolled up and wear something ultra sexy from Victoria’s Secret or somewhere else, and I definitely like it. I much prefer the natural look, though, cause my wife is the Purtiest Woman On The Planet.

You want to know what I hate about buying this stuff?

You go into the giant Victoria’s Secret and it’s pretty empty so two sales women are trying to help you but you have no idea of you wife’s size or how something will look or her so then one of the sales ladies says
“Well is you wife shaped more like me or Cristina?” (the other sales lady)
“Umm, more like you”
“Well let me model these for you, so you can see them and make your choice.”
Then she modles about 20 things for as Christina fetches other items and makes suggestions and such, but the real problem is

Mrs. Dave-Guy is not a big lingerie-wearer, so I don’t waste my money, usually.

I did buy her a very attractive camisole’n’shorts number last summer, though, when we were planning a romantic weekend. She loved it, and so did I. :smiley:

She’ll surprise me in other ways than just wearing something sexy, so it balances out.

Every year my Christmas stocking has special Christmas undies in it. I just love tradition. :smiley:

The problem my SO has with getting lingerie for me is size… for some reason, most lingerie makers seem to think someone my height is either built like Twiggy or Rosanne. It’s hard to find something nice and sexy that fits without trying stuff on first. That kinda ruins the chances of any surprise lingerie gifts. :frowning:

Although, if he does get me something that doesn’t fit, at least it’ll be go for a laugh! :smiley:

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Wish hubby would buy me silky-silkies :frowning:

He loves the few that I have but has never bought any for me. Perhaps it has to do with having to go into a big bird shop and go lookin… Who knows?

Perhaps one day…

I’m like Washte, I’ve never had my current SO buy me anything sexy.

He did buy me lipstick and nailpolish once, but I was there at the time.

I’d love it if he would. If he’s reading this, then the cat’s out of the bag.

I’d just like to know what he’d choose. Perhaps he’d do better with a catalogue instead of a shop.

Yikes!! You know what I meant, right?