I likes our BK ad

I’ve heard you guys say how the US Burger King ads are nasty, obnoxious, frightening etc.

Never seen them. Thank goodness!

Just seen our new one, girls, on horseback, in bikinis. :smiley: lots of :smiley:

Where do you live?

We get the ‘King’ ones in the UK, and they are just disturbing.

Ah, sorry, New Zealand. Forgot location doesn’t show for guests :smack:

Try this, www.burgerking.co.nz/burgerking.htm and click “Watch latest TV etc”

Woo! slinky bareback beach babes; TWO on the same horse, sort of hugging and feeding each other.

I couldn’t enjoy it because I was expecting that bloke in the bloody king mask to pop up and scare them witless.

I’m just glad they didn’t use genuine BK customers.

The official site didn’t work for me, so here’s a Youtube version.

All natural, and all delicious. Though I don’t care much for their food. :wink:

Damn, at least use a pic of a fat woman stuffing her face. :rolleyes: That woman is actually doing something about her health.

Barbecue sauce? I thought you used Vegemite on your burgers.

What’s with the horses? Are these horsemeat burgers?

Real men don’t need to put Vegemite onto their burgers, they just eat it straight from the jar :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, probably the stuff that’s rejected from the pet food factory :wink:

Actually, this ad puts me into a bit of a dilemma. This sort of ad is much prefered. To get more of the same non-obnoxious style requires a positive response to it, such as more burgers being sold whilst it’s showing.

So do I (once again) break my rule of thumb and purchase something advertised on tv? Just to encourage more of the same? :smack: It’ll be the opposite of a boycott (of which I gather have worked in the past?) :dubious:

Note that I rarely eat out, too expensive and often too unhealthy, unless it’s the end of a long hard day and I’ve got the shakes and need food now! :eek: Grease then rules :rolleyes: