I live at a Jerry Springer Training Camp

Because of a series of unfortunate events(mostly my fault),
I find myself living with some folks who are, well, interesting. Yes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
There is always a stranger on the couch. I’ve had several hundred dollars stolen from me. Most of us are simply alcoholics, but there are crackheads and pillheads too. At
any given time there are several straight/gay/bi/multiracial triangles and quadrangles(some
of which I’ve participated in)…
The radio blares country music while the TV screams pro wrestling, as if in competion to see which can give me the worst headache. Tempers flare easily. I am facing 2 DUI charges and I am actually
looking forward to jail, as I know it will be more peaceful.

Comments? Ridicule, empathy, and psycho-babble are all welcome. Just please, please talk to me. I’ve not had an intelligent conversation in 2 weeks…although I did get punched in the nose pretty hard once, which is at least a form of communication.

I didn’t think the residents on “Big Brother” had computers and 'net access…

Big Brother? Explain, please.
Yeah, I read 1984 and I know about Big Brother and the Holding Company…to what do you refer?

TN*hippie, whatcha wanna talk about? I don’t know what advice I can offer to you…you’re always welcome to come stay at my place. It’s not as exciting as where you’re living, but my Mom would make us some kimchee.

Is there no other place you can go? This can’t be good for your recovery, esp. after what you wrote in another thread. Do you have family nearby? Other friends you could stay with? I’m worried about you, hon.

It goes without saying that you are more than welcome to IM me anytime. Heck, if you want I’ll give you my phone number.

BTW, I think ricepad is talking about that “Big Brother” tv show. I’ve never seen it but I think it’s a competitive version of “The Real World”.

Big Brother is the latest insult to the intelligence on television, wherein a number of people are locked in a house set up with a truckload of cameras, catching their every movement. No privacy at all.

I really appreciate the offer, but I think I can hold out for the next three weeks (after which I go to jail for at least 90 days, perhaps 120).
BTW, where are you?
Oh, and you can talk about anything except wrestling and pop country music.
I mean it. ANYTHING but those two subjects.

I love kimchee.
Another off-limits topic:
I refuse to discuss Beanie Babies.

I’m in Germany. Kind of far, I know, but if you ran away to here you wouldn’t have to go to jail. And by the time they get around to extraditing you, we can smuggle you into Amsterdam to stay with Coldfire. Hey, forget about the Evil Bitch World Tour, we’ll send you around the world!

How is Knoxville? My Uncle lives there, I’m hoping to be able to visit him in August…he has thyroid cancer. His wife just finished treatment for breast cancer. He lives near the U of T, I hear it’s kind of an expensive neighborhood. About 15 years ago he got shot on the street after dropping my cousin off at school. Just jogging down the street minding his own business and some guy in a pick up truck shot him with a rifle! Weird, huh? They never caught the guy who did it. Maybe he’s living in your house. :wink:

Are you going to a county prison? I hear those aren’t so bad. I had a couple of friends go to the county jail in Memphis and they were mostly bored. Can you get a job in jail? My husband used to manage a Luby’s and they were mostly staffed with county prisoners. It’s shit work, but tons better than staying in jail all day watching tv, probably tuned to all Jerry S all the time. This is of course, assuming you go at all. Is there any way you can get out of it? I had a friend who didn’t go to jail until his 6th DUI. Not that I condone DUI, but if they let him free for so long, they might let you, too.

Do you want to know anything about Germany? It’s great here, but we’ve had lousy weather lately. Today it’s raining, ugh.

Hey, it’s 4:30 am there, shouldn’t you be asleep? Here I am jawing your ear off. If I come in August, would you like to visit with me? I’ll even come see you in prison, if you’re there and I can get a ride. Won’t that give my Uncle and Aunt something to talk about!

TN*Hippie, I’m sorry things are so crappy for you right now. All I can say is hang in there. Look on your enforced “vacation” as a way to get things straight in your head and come out and start over and get it all right. If you ever wanna talk, email me (it’s in my profile) and we can find a way to chat…I’m at work and have a chat program I can add you to without you having to download anything.

Can’t sleep anyway, so talk as much as you’d like.
The Germany offer is tempting (I’m part German and always wanted to visit) butI really want to do the right thing and face my consequences. Also, I can get sober and quit smoking in jail. Both are hard to get away with. Yeah, it’s the Knox County Hilton. Not a bad place as jails go. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. These are my 2nd and 3rd DUIs and TN is pretty tough about it (as we should be)…I might get out of one charge, but definitely not the other. Details later. Your Uncle: is it Maplehurst, Fort Sanders, or the 4th & Gill neighborhood?
These are the only places that I would consider close to UT. Weather is wonderful, wish you were here.

Couple things.

TN*hippie, after your “vacation”, maybe you could consider moving a few miles east nearer to me? It’s not nearly as “cosmopolitan” as Knoxville but rent’s cheaper and you can always hop in the car and be at the West Town Mall in a couple hours! :wink: Hey, if you wanna talk, we’re not really that far away and for that matter, if you feel like making any trips this direction, say Greeneville, maybe we can meet for some coffee or something! Feel free to e-mail me if you decide you can’t take anymore and need a day trip.

tatertot, are you really coming to Knoxville in August? If so, can we please meet? I only live a little more than an hour from Knoxville and I so want to meet you!

I’d love to meet both of you…maybe we can arrange
a triple meeting? It would have to be within 3 weeks or 90 to 120 days later.

Thanks for the moral support.

Well, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so I guess it depends on tatertot! Tracy, please say you are coming to Tennessee within three weeks!!!

It’s all up in the air right now guys. Officially I’m supposed to arrive in Memphis on August 13, but I might leave even sooner. Ugly family situation. I’m going to try my darndest to get to Knoxville…if I can find a cheap flight, I’m totally there. I can’t make any promises, so why don’t ya’ll arrange to meet, and I’ll try and schedule around that?
TN*hippie, I’m not sure of the name of the neighborhood. I haven’t been to Knoxville since I was a baby. I do remember that Alex Haley lives there…I’m sure that helps a lot! My Uncle had (or has, don’t know if he’s still doing it) a gig writing restaurant reviews for the local weekly so maybe you’ve heard of him. The man loves to eat!

Speaking of eating, you know what I really miss from Tennessee? Real barbeque. They just don’t do it right here. Since I don’t have a smoker and no yard in which to smoke, I have to resort to cooking my pork shoulder in the oven. The oven! What an insult to our glorious friend the hog. It turns out okay, but it needs the sauce. Corky’s in Memphis will fedex bbq, but I am too poor to afford it. Don’t even ask me how I have to cook ribs around here.

Tonight I’m going to try and make some Kimchee. I still can’t make it as good as my mom’s but it will do.

I’m glad you aren’t going to a bad jail. True you did do something wrong, but I’d hate to think of you in there with the serial killers and rapists. I admire you for owning up to your actions. It takes a lot of guts to do that. Maybe if 6 dui Friend had had to do that he wouldn’t be the jerk he is today. Come to think about it, I don’t really like him at all and shouldn’t call him friend. Once he got mad at me because I asked him to stop smoking during a showing of Easy Rider at the Orpheum Theater. He got so mad at me he went outside and started punching the building. I never liked him much after that.

I am saddened by the BBQ situation. BBQ is one of the
reasons I could never go entirely vegetarian. And you’re right: TN/NC BBQ is the best.
Incidentally, I’m a drunk but not a mean drunk. I abhor cruelty or violence of any kind. I just get stupid and try to tell you the same joke over & over again. Come to think of it, that is rather cruel. You are forewarned.

Well, hey, I was born and raised in Oak Ridge. Mom taught at UT and two brothers and one sister are Alumns. Just thought I’d chime in.


Any of these names ring a bell?
Kathy King
Ron Hodge
Roger Steckel
David Young
LeeAnne Billips
…and there are couple of other OR folks I knew whose names elude me at the moment. RSVP.

What did your Mom teach? I’m a UT grad and may know her.


Your posting here suggests that you are surprisingly relaxed about your situation. That’s kinda creepy, man. Maybe you’ve been through worse stuff that makes your current condition seem like a walk in the park. Maybe you really are upset and your making a conscious effort to stay cool. Maybe you’re distancing yourself emotionally from your present plight. Whatever it is, it’s creepy. I’d be much more comfortable if you were ranting and raving. Of course, my comfort is of zero importance here.

So, tell me, are you going to stay in Knoxville after you get out? I ask because it really sounds like you’re about to hit bottom if you haven’t already. I really don’t think you should stay there. It’s sucking out your soul. Get out, man.

Well there you have it – my free advice. You do get what you pay for.
Anyway, my door is open to just about anyone. Take note of my email address in case you need it later.

He asked for intelligent words
Doc Jackson says “That’s for the birds!”
Post a low IQ rhyme
It will help pass the time
While you’re living “Revenge of the Nerds”
TNhippie was dragged into court
On criminal charges, not tort
90 days locked up tight
But TN
hippie’s alright
If his cell has a free data port.