I looked...did NO ONE watch Trading Spaces on 10/25?

I was visiting with my father this weekend, back from a 15-month RV camping trip to Alaska and back. He has no cable, so hence, no TLC this weekend.

I stopped in Cafe Society, and searched for the TS thread.

Did I miss it? Did no one watch it? Have we given up because Banyan seems to have stuffed Vern in a locked trunk somewhere?


I lurk in here semi-regularly, but I was at a party (at my house) and I didn’t see the episodes. I did catch part of the replay on Sun, but must qualify what I remember by saying I tried sake for the first time Sat. night and the top of my head was coming off on Sun.

Kia actually did a nice looking dining room. She didn’t destroy any furniture and the wallpaper borders were kept to a minimum. I wouldn’t complain if she did this in my house.

I loved Edward’s room. He did the wall in a matte tobacco color and then glazed a cogniac color on in a large diamond pattern, inspired by the fabric he used for curtains. It was one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve seen done on TS.

Oddly enough, the rooms this week were just too boring to comment on, lol.

8:00 show - Edward does a horrible bedroom (a la Frank) in a carribean style complete with palm frond headboard and wall mural divided into three colors so it would look like beach, water, sky. Corny, corny, corny. The homeowners loved it, of course. (I have to say the male homeowner on this show was one of the most irritating ever, and that’s saying something!)

Barry greatly improves a disaster of a kitchen and still manages to make it look absurd. This kitchen had: press-on square floor tiles, no work area, a “floating” dishwasher (never installed) and I think the stove didn’t actually have a home either. (I was cutting out some sewing patterns so I didn’t have my eye on the screen the whole time.) It was “country” style and had wallpaper that had seriously seen better days. They stripped the paper, knocked out a cabinet next to the sink to give the dishwasher a home, moved the stove into a corner and built a workspace/island/bar around it, and covered the floor with square cut pieces of luan (sp?) with the grain alternating and stained. (Looked lovely, but how would something like that hold up as a floor?!?) Then he goes on to paint the walls and cabinets a horrible bright yellow and slaps a really half-assed freehand-looking (although he did actually tape it out) blue swoosh/stripe across the cabinets. They built a freaky-looking shelf over the stove and island that looked super-chintzy. They got a new tile backsplash which turned out good, and a new ceiling fan and I think the microwave was new. A real mixed bag.

9:00 show – Kia actually does something pretty nice and the homeowners hate it. (Both Kia & Edward’s rooms on this show had a similar theme & color scheme.) Kia’s room had nice touches like the super-old family pictures being incorporated into the design, ugly touches, like the grotesque “funeral parlor” drapes she seems to love so much, and strange touches, like fake upholstered backs added to the dining chairs to make them look contemporary. She also added a roman/gothic style wall niche in what seemed to be a random part of the wall, and then apparently had nothing specific planned to put in it! Meh, it was great for a Kia room, so-so for anyone else, heh.

Edward’s room was pretty good, but I’m surprised the homeowners liked it so much because it seemed so OPPOSITE their style! The started out with a super washed-out Santa Fe type color scheme and ended up with Caesar’s Palace art deco, lol. I didn’t like the weird “goldish/brownish/silverish” color scheme (although that’s the latest thing, judging from what I see in stores) but I liked the overall style. (I confess my bedroom wall is also done in a similar harlequin style, two levels though instead of one, and a sort of chocolate on camel. It’s very striking.) The covered couches turned out amazing, and I might try something similar on a horrible rust brown chair my husband refuses to get rid of, lol. Would that technique hold up to being actually sat on though? Seems like once you put any stress on the fabric either the staples would pop out the back or bottom, or the fabric would just rip off the frame. Both rooms were very nice, but not really something you’d expect in a house. They both had a “hotel-y” feel to them.

Well, I no longer have cable (part of the grand financial scheme - actually I told them six months ago that I didn’t want it anymore. It just took them until the end of September to actually shut it off, even though they weren’t billing me for it).

So I don’t get to see it anymore unless I convice a friend that it’s really important and we have to watch it at their house. But I can’t get that excited about it anymore.

I thought all four rooms were fine, although Barry put the microwave in a too-high, hard-to-reach place.

I would say Edward’s room was on par with Vern’s work. I think Edward’s learning to stay a little bit more conservative and give the homeowner’s something nice that won’t shock them because it’s different. Maybe that’s why the rooms look hotel-ish, since, for these middle class suburbanites, hotel-ish equals classy.

Is it me, or everytime Barry and Carter are in a shot together leaning over a drawing, I expect one to say, “Ow, I really pulled my shoulder last night during the game.”

“Here, take off your shirt and let me massage it.”

And for some inexplicable reason, they both take off their shirts and as the massaging begins, a 70’s funk track plays.

“Oh, yeah, that feels good…”

:::recovering from the moriah’s mental imagery:::

I watched the first hour but wasn’t paying a lot of attention as I was chatting online and getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Hour two I saw was Kia and figured there wasn’t much point, although I did take a look at the reveals (hour two was the one with the female HO balled up on the floor laughing maniacally, right?). I had a bit of a costume crisis in the midst of it all so I couldn’t really focus as much as I should have to comment intelligently (which has never stopped me before I admit) but damn, I do agree that Barry and Carter look mighty good in a frame together.

I was camping this weekend, and came in here this morning looking for the thread. It took me awhile to catch up on my taped TV-viewing from the weekend (Joan of Arcadia, The Handler, and Trading Spaces). I was wondering where the TS thread was.


She didn’t destroy anything?!? Are you kidding? Did you see when she cut a whole in the wall for the cheesy plastic birdbath-looking thing, and ripped out the insulation, right down to the exterior plywood sheathing? She just added to their heating bills. What a total moron.
And she used original photos for the collage-thing she created, below the chair rail. SHe should have had them color-copied instead. And mounting them way down like that? Stupid.
“Here, bend waaaay over to see our photos.” :rolleyes:

I did like Edward’s room, though. It was a bit formal for me, and I hated the artwork, but that door kicked ass.

The other episode was okay. I liked that Barry tried to give the HOs a functioning kitchen. The stove and table arrangement seemed a little odd. Who wants to eat right up against the hot stove? I hate the bright yellow cabinets, too. And the racing stripes on the cabinets.

How will the Luan flooring hold up? Is it hard enough? Will the chairs make dents in it? Can they clean it like regular flooring? What about food stains? That seemed a little weird to me - “Hey, let’s make flooring out of this other wood stuff, even though it’s not really flooring!” Yeah, that’ll work.

i liked the door edward created.

i’m enjoying clean sweep a lot more.