I lost my number. Can I have yours?

“Please? I’ll buy ya a beer!”

At least, that’s what she said. That was the longest conversation I’ve ever had with a toothless person. Ugly, drunk, and no teef. Wow. Why do I always get the wierd ones?


mmmBwa ha ha ha!! Someone actually used that line? A drunk toofless person??


Oh my. Tripler, you poor, poor bastard. Still, that really helped my mood today.

<trying to stifle a laugh>

hahahahahaha, OMG!!!
there are some people, that make you think Good God, UI am talking to the most disgusting person in the world, although, you know that someone will surpass this person withing a short span of time :slight_smile:
my own words :slight_smile:

Feel free to use this as a quote, really, I won’t mind… (read: please???)

Yup. I ain’t going back to that bar ever again.

One poor bastard

“I don’t have a number. Actually I don’t have a phone. I communicate by smoke signals.” And it would’ve worked, too, if my frigging pager hadn’t gone off at that very moment.

I had a bad line delivered to me two weekends ago.

He was a co-worker of a friend (which makes it worse), crowded table, I was sitting across from him.

He said, “Do you like sleeping next to someone?”

I said, “It depends on who it is.”

He said, “Well, what about me? Come on back to my place.”

Zero for creativity, zero for delivery. He got zero action that night.

Why can’t people just be normal?

Tripler: There’s a lot to be said for toothless women.

Funniest line i’ve heard in awhile, it’s more of a story, actually…

[scene: frat party, half drunk guy]
me: so, what’s your name?
the guy: Oscar.
me: really, you’re the only the second person i’ve ever met with that name.
the guy: who was the first guy?
me: oh, this kid I used to babysit.
the guy: oh yeah? wanna come babysit me sometime?
me: [laughing laughing laughing, maybe a snicker or two]