I love Canada

I just came back from a week in Canada-Ottawa and Toronto to be exact-and I have to say to all you Canadians that you have a lovely country. Yes, I know there’s stuff that you’d change, stuff that pisses you off, but do you know how nice it is to be among people who are eco-concious, are making a sincere effort to do what they can for the planet, and more? If things went so tits up here in the US that I had to move, I’d head North.

Posted by me as soon as I got back from my honeymoon:

I agree,** BaneSidhe**!

I just got back from an Ottawa trip this weekend. I had been to Montreal many years before but this was the first time I had been to English speaking Canada. It was indeed lovely and pleasant. However, I had to think that the Ottawa region seemed almost exactly like the midwestern U.S. If it weren’t for the money and a few weird TV channels, I don’t think I would have figured it out for a while if someone just dropped me off there. I wonder how Canadian and U.S. culture keep so closely in sync. There seems to be way more diversity between U.S. states than between some northern U.S. states and the provinces they border.

Thank you. We like it. And you were just in the Ottawa/Toronto area - that’s where we keep the politicians. You should see the rest of the country! :eek:

What makes you think we’d take you? :smiley:

Aw, thanks, I love my country too.

I’m in Calgary and head out to the mountains every weekend, and almost every time I tear up from the breathtaking view as well. I’m so lucky to live here.

Haha, I just wanted to add that I had an 18-year old visitor from Indiana about a week ago, and when I stopped her from throwing out beer cans stating that we recycle them, she said ‘Oh? We don’t recycle in the States.’ Good thing I don’t totally believe that.

Glad you enjoyed your visit. We’re trying to do the best that we can.

I used to go with friends on 2-week long canoeing/kayaking/fishing trips on the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters.

Hard to beat for scenery, general emptiness, and wildlife (ferrets stole our garbage twice!).

Great country.


Canada is indeed beautiful. I’ve been in all 10 provinces, and the experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. The only real things that got to me:

Gas stations in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan don’t have available bathrooms in the wee (pun not intended) hours of the night. In all my travels, that night was probably the only time I had to ever use anything other than a real bathroom for relief.

Saskatchewaners told me that, like themselves, Manitobans didn’t observe Daylight Savings Time. This turned out to not be true and cost me a useful hour of my vacation.

Oxford, Nova Scotia is home to the slowest drivers on the planet. It’s like the speed limit there is “reverse gear.”

That’s pretty much it for the complaints…otherwise, coast to coast, I’ve had a great time there.

Aw, shucks. :wink:

Canada is my home, and I’ve never wanted to live in another place. Long summers up in Muskoka, the mountains out in Alberta, the early-morning train through rural Ontario…

I just went to Montreal for a week with friends. It was a phenomenal and amazing trip. The city was all I saw, but I loved everything about it (aside from the weather).

And I knew way more French than I thought.

The general idea is to wait for a car with Ontario plates to pull up, and then fill it up.

As someone from the Northeast U.S., I’ve found myself frequently observing that we have much more in common with Canada than with alot of the southern U.S. If we manage to kick them out do you guys wanna come join us? :cool:


I agree. You’ve only seen a small part, BaneSidhe, but now you’ve got to see the rest. Coast-to-coast-to-coast! :slight_smile:

Seriously, this country is a pretty special place, no matter where you went, and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit.

As a quick aside, does anyone know if you can catch a ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI?

I want to surprise my wife with a trip out that way, and want to do some logisticatin’!

Any recommendations for WAAAY cute places/inns to stay in Nova Scotia?


Damn…now I have *Ribbon Of Darkness/Circle of Steel * in my head. Love Gordo!


Thank you. We love our country too.

I see nothing wrong with Connecticut applying for provincial status. There’d probably be an entrance fee of some sort, of course.

Wile we’re at it, Vermont would make a nice Canadian province as well. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t we take a state that has a hockey team?
Although, with Bristol firmly under our heel, we could force ESPN to start covering hockey positively again.