I love deep ocean life.

This is the most interesting picture of Hatchetfish I’ve ever seen. Hatchetfish are just kind of interesting from the side, in the usual view, but the head-on perspective from my first link is so much more interesting.

More fascinating mesopelagic and deep pelagic sea life, including Dragonfish and the Bathysaurus and more very interesting pictures.

Very appropriate for Halloween.

You had to know this was coming.
http://www.marianatrench.com/mariana_trench-biology_001.htm :smiley:

Something new every day.

Funny you should mention it, I’ve been a little obsessed with deep ocean fish lately myself.

boom de yada boom de yada
(The ocean creeps me out, actually. Sometimes, when I’m in the ocean, I think about what lurks underneath, and I try not to extend my legs too far down.)

I love vampire squids. Beautiful animal. Majestic. But this video gives me chills.

Why is it the deeper you go, the uglier things get? Hmm, I think that statement might apply to a lot of things actually.

…And I just came across this. Eerie and haunting and heart-achingly beautiful.

Maybe you love deep ocean life, me, I’ll never sleep again. That is the stuff of nightmare.

That’s a very cool video.

Dear lord, they look like tormented souls ins some mad and twisted vision of purgatory! :eek:

Brilliant picture.