AMAZING photos of real deep creatures! Trust me - worth a look!

Some of the most amazing pics of these creatures I’ve ever seen. These are/were living creatures!

Animals: Deep Sea Creatures

The large sea creature in the fourth picture down looks so disgruntled.

The sea creature in picture 13 is just creepy.

super cool.

I saw these awhile back as “creatures that washed up in the tsunami”.

They are indeed cool, but I’m guessing that story was bunk.

Bunk indeed

As a Japanese native I feel obliged to say: “They all look delicious!” :smiley:

(No, I’m not serious. )


The big black fish held in that guys hands truly looks gothic. The all look otherworldly, yet so concrete in the white plastic tanks. And it’s worth checking out the other links given on that page, as well.

The big fish with the white eye triggers my “UUUUWAAAAAH! AAAAH! Kill it! Kill it!” reflex.

I have to admit…the freaky crab looks almost appetizing, and one of the freaky fish looks kinda cute. (I mean like asexual, “Teddy Bear” cute, you perverts.)

That thing in the second pic looks like one fish head with three tails… =O

When can I see these alive at a local aquarium?!

Heh. I’ve heard a number of Norwegians comment that the uglier the fish, the better it tastes. Case in point: the lumpfish. Here is a creature that looks like it was designed by a god with a sick sense of humor after too many stiff drinks, but the meat is quite tasty. The halibut isn’t going to win any beauty contests, either, but them’s good eatin’. On the other hand, the codfish, which looks like the generic picture of a “Fish” from a child’s alphabet book but for its long whisker, has almost no taste at all.

Extrapolating from that, some of the fish in those pictures must be very tasty indeed :smiley:

I like the look of that little crayfish-type thing; I’ll have a platefull of those please.

Beautiful face on this one. It looks rather intelligent, even.

Please, someone mark me down as glad I don’t live in the ocean… eeewwww… scary.

The one that looks like it has a squid for a nose (3rd from the top) is kinda neat - I’d like to see a video of that one swimming.

I feel like I’ve had a glimpse inside Tim Burton’s head.

Seriously, that first spiky toothed one with an underbite was wearing stripes in Beetlejuice, wasn’t he?

Angler fish are some of the most frightening creatures on the planet…

The little critters of nature, they don’t know that they’re ugly.

I think that’s very funny.
Oh, and the little fish attached to the underside of the bigger fish - If it’s what I think it is, it’s a husband. He no longer eats because his blood stream has interconnected with the wife fish.

Yeah, like a fly marrying a bumblebee.

I like this one, too.