i love electric razors

First i had a shitty razor that cut my face up. then i got the mach 3, its a good razor but i don’t use it alot because i forget to shave. but then i found my brothers old remington intro model and it is great. i can shave in the car with that instead of using a dry disposable like i had been doing. However the remington doesn’t cut close enough to the skin for my tastes.

What is a good, durable (cheap) electric razor that is both battery and outlet powered that gives a close shave? i was thinking of an intro 3 circular blade norelco because my brother recommended them. They start at $35-45.

I don’t think such a device exists.

Agreed. Define close shave here. No electric you get is going to get as close as a normal safety razor, which won’t get as close as a straight razor.

I think most of the new models probably shave about the same, to be honest.

Braun and Norelco are probably some of the best. I used a Norelco for a bit but went back to a blade. There isn’t nothing as close as a blade. Those Mach 1’s never cut my bumpy face.

I’ve never been happy with an electric razor except for the Braun self-cleaning one that’s out now, and that’s definitely not cheap. And I don’t have that much beard to work with, either. They’re for convenience, not a close shave.

And for the record, nothing bugs me more than seeing guys shave in the car. Can’t explain why, it just bugs the hell out of me. Take the five minutes and do it at home, or don’t do it at all – keep your mind on the road.


im thinking of an introductory norelco model.