I love kids... (and fuck you roommate)

…but they can be really FUCKING annoying. Especially when they know how to talk, but all they do is scream and cry all fucking day because they are spoiled little brats. Damn it woman, get your kid in check. You’re not my woman, it’s not my kid. Damn you roommate for thinking it was okay to fly her over and live in your fucking room. During what thought process did it register that this would be a good move. There are 3 other roommates here, and everyone is sick and tired of the fucking kid. Duct tape, super glue, whatever you have to do. Please, for heaven’s sake. I already quit my job because of your stupid ass and now I’m stuck at home having to listen to this shit every hour of daylight. I have to sleep all day now and be awake all night because it’s the only time I have any fucking sanity. You’re stupid ass was supposed to have moved out and got your own apartment but you’re stupid lazy ass just can’t seem to do anything but play Xbox and watch TV. You’re 25 for fuck sake. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that you got into a car accident 2 years ago. Nobody fucking cares. I don’t even know you. What the fuck do you expect letting an overly drunk chick drive your vehicle just because you’re pathetic ass got too wasted you could not drive your friends back home safely. Fuck you and your pill addiction, your fucking drug deals that take place in our backyard by the pool, and your red $4000 sofa sitting in the living room. Fuck you for bring your walking cane out in public but you go running every other day and never use your cane at home. Fuck you for being such a fucking con artist. Fuck you for saying you would be a good tenant. Fuck you for acting like such a cool as mother fucker and then once all that lawsuit money was gone you turned back into a lame as mother fucking devious piece of shit. Your stupid ass would have been kicked out of here a long fucking time ago had you not shipped over your excess baggage and now the landlord feels bad for you because you play this fucking mind game with everyone. As for thinking you are all fucking macho because you brought your .45 back from Iowa you may as well just shoot yourself with it. People don’t carry guns in Hawaii you pussy, what the fuck are you worried about. You talk the talk but never walk the walk. You tell people that you’re going to hold a job down and can’t make a fucking sale in an entire month so you decide to quit because you can’t handle it. Your nothing but a pill junkie. A low-down worthless scumbag who cares only about himself and doesn’t give 2 shits about anyone else. The kid isn’t even yours and you act like it’s yours. The other day you said “I can’t stand this kid” yourself. What kind of shit is that. Go back to your incest infested hometown and prey on your friends whom you’ve been fucking over ever for God knows how long. They must really fucking hate you because it seems you talk about your hometown with so much positivity but you don’t want to live there. It’s fucking obvious no one wants you around. You showed me pictures of no one but you and your girlfriend whom you’re obsessed with because of your lack of sex but didn’t have any other photo’s with all these great friends you say you have that we would be hanging out with if I spent money I didn’t have coming with you. I’m glad I didn’t take your offer and fly over cause I’d probably end up in a fucking bar drinking myself to death while you plowed your once-in-a-lifetime girlfriend. She’s really nice, educated, in good standing with everything around her and doesn’t fucking deserve any of this. She doesn’t even have the slightest clue as to your oh-so obvious plans for the future of living in nowheresville. I hope one of these days you get into a fight so she can see just how much of a punk ass you really are. You’ll probably end up crying like a little girl on the couch like you did on your 25th birthday and walk around the house threatening to kill yourself. You came and hung out with my friends a couple of times and acted like a complete fucking tool, thinking you’re so fucking cool. You think you’re the best fucking drinker on the planet and have such a high tolerance but every time I take you out you get wasted off of a few shots in the first 30 fucking minutes and I have to take you back home 15 miles because you puss out. I don’t even invite you anymore when we go hang out. I told my friends about you but it didn’t matter because you make yourself look like such a loser they are all glad I don’t invite you out anymore. Grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your actions. Nobody cares about your problems nor do they want to give you advice on them. We all have our own problems in life. You’re just not fucking worthy of my time or anyone elses. You lie straight faced to everyone around you. Go to fucking rehab if you can’t handle the real world but don’t try taking the world down with you. I’m fucking done even acknowledging you exist. I hope to see you on the other side some day so I can kick your ass and not have to go to jail for it or show your black and blue face to your girlfriend so she can comfort you and support you cause then I’m just giving her more unnecessary babysitting duties. You’re like the shit that comes out of my ass but when I flush it you stop up the toilet and cause more mayhem. I’m done with you. You’re girlfriend is only going to support you for so long. Times running out for you. You have about 3 weeks til ur the fuck outta here. Until then, just continue to go play your Xbox and stay the fuck out of everyone’s way.

Thank you

I’ll do it:

That was fun.

Thanks. Sorry for that clusterfuck hehe…

I feel like I just got mugged by a keyboard.

So, he’s not your best friend anymore?

So… why don’t you move out?

He’s only been here a couple of months (I’ve been here about 11 and will be off to Basic in another month) and will be out in a few weeks. I’ll just have to deal with it til then. As long as I’m on the night owl sleep cycle I’m alright. Then I don’t have to see his face or hear the screaming. I sleep like a rock.

You quit your job for this person? :dubious:

Pills? Drugs? Kid? Not a good combo. And you’re going into the military soon? Hope they’re not your drugs. How old is this kid? Babies cry. Small children cry–but not all the time. Is the child being treated well?
I couldn’t read it all–not even the copy edited version. I already have a headache; I don’t need to make it worse.

I was working at home helping manage a towing company. I was doing well, but him living here stressed me out so much I could no longer work. Stress from work was almost too much to bear in itself.

No, they are not mine. I’m drug-free. And yes, I’ll be heading out for basic next month most likely. My medical records still haven’t come in… My recruiter is getting flustered because they said 8 days and it’s been almost 2 weeks.

He’s 2, closer to being 3, iirc. I know babies cry, but this is nonsense. I’ve never heard a kid cry and scream so much in my life. The kids mother treats him well, as far as I know, but I’ve spotted her smoking weed in the house. As far as other drugs, idkfs. The BF is the pill junkie, Oxycontin.

Should their situation escalate or I find out this kid is being put in harms way of any kind I’m definitely reporting it to CPS. This is just not the right way to raise a young child. But since you mentioned that “but not all the time” that has me thinking now, so I’ll be doing some detective work.

Thanks, jali. I could never have gotten through it without your post. I’m having a hard enough time picking up the parts I want to quote here.

This is probably true for everyone. We’re all responsible for our own stuff. And people might give you advice but they have their own problems and don’t know your situation as well as you do. So that’s just true. . . for everyone (although perhaps not in that tone).

Did you decide to join the military because of this situation or was it just timing?

As I said, the job I had was very stressful in itself so I had intentions on leaving it. The RM was just icing on the cake.

The Army was a choice when I made when I was 17. I was DQ’d for a simple mistake I made during my physical. I told my examiner I used an inhaler once. I used it for a few days, but that was it. It wasn’t a necessity, just helped me breath through the dust filled barns while bailing hay. I don’t have Asthma. Now I know not to open my mouth next time. And I think I’m a little more prepared than when I was 17, mentally anyway.

You love kids who fuck your roommate? Sicko pervert you…

Oh wait…that solid block of letters actually contained a message? NM…TL,DR.

No, she does not. She brought him into a living situation that’s not appropriate for a child his age. This will get worse as time goes on, long after they’re out of range of you. Be patient. This is your problem for a short time. It will be his problem for life.

Oh look! The sun is out. Oh listen! There is a kid crying. zzzZzzZzzZzz…

Something bears looking into. Said kid sounds like he is being raised by wolves (actually, the wolves would do a better job). It sounds awful, but more awful for the kid (sorry, but true). Thank you for saying you would take another look at it.

Why don’t they ever have a situation like this on one of those nanny shows? Perhaps they know they can’t help.

So your mistake was not lying in order to pass the physical?

Am I the only one thinking that if the kid situation is stressful, that maybe the Armed Forces won’t be an improvement?

At the time I misheard the question, but I had already answered. I did not use an inhaler, but I thought I did. After I had thought about it, which I did not realize until recently, is that damn, I didn’t evem use an “inhaler”, I used Flonase. A little late realizing that now though.

I didn’t sign up for any of this.

Thanks, jali. I still only made it through about half of it, but that half was infinitely more tolerable as a result of your editing.