I Love Me, Vol. 1 - Fuck off!


Fuck off, halfwit. If you don’t like my sig line, so be it. Doesn’t bother me a whit. Just means you haven’t a clue, or a sense of humor. But when you bring it up in a thread where it wasn’t used, just so you could launch on one of your purile whines about American self-centeredness, well…that’s just sad. I hope people in Europe aren’t judging Americans based on their experiences with you. I’d rather they form them based on Bush/Cheney/Chick than the illegitimate offspring of a diseased camel that you seem to be.

You were shown to be a dick the first time you complained about my sig. Now you are just reinforcing that opinion. If you have a problem with me, try addressing something I directly say, numb-nuts. Inferring arguments to support your own half-baked ideology just shows that you can’t read and type at the same time.

There is a serious lack of reading comprehension going on there.

What’s this all about?

Tempest in a teapot. Fuckwit #1 (that’s ILM,V1) annoyed Fuckwit #2 (that’s me). really just needed to vent a little bit, that’s all. It’s not been a good morning.

There is a 95% chance that in five years, I Love Me, Vol. 1 will look back on those posts and be embarassed. I know it doesn’t give the same satisfaction as finding a way to show him, in shining, incontrovertible logic, just what an impractical jackanapes he (he?) is and how unbearably ashamed of himself he ought to be, but it’s what keeps me from getting all het up when I read political threads.

The guy (ILMV1) could at least quote Pratchett right.
What? It’s a pet peeve!

I don’t suppose you’d mind posting again and attaching your sig for those of us who are too lazy to go look for it?

As you wish… :smiley:

Would it be better for Europeans to judge Americans based on someone who thinks we need to be active in the global community or would it be better for Europeans to judge Americans based on someone who thinks we should let other countries fend for themselves while we take care of our own?

What about those of us who have sigs turned off. Why must we be the objects of discrimination?

I’m going to have to agree with the title of the OP.

It seems he has the Internet, who’s glass has he been sipping from, hmm?

You know it’s in his public profile, right?

OP- you do understand neither of those posts are about you in any way, don’t you? :rolleyes: They are about a line from TP- which you are quoting.

Yes, he mentions he saw them in your sig- so? Did you make them up? And, his complaint- assuming anyone took that quote seriously- is legit. Of course, no one but an idiot or a naif would take any quote from TP seriously.

On a side note, isn’t it I Love Me, Vol. I?

Judging us based on both seems best to me, since both attitudes have contended in our political life since the founding of the country.

Well, yes. It’s a palindrome that way.

Sil…bud…beer guzzling buddy…what happened? Did you just find out that your teaching remedial math next year or something? What up?

Pretty close. A lot of petty things, all the same day: FIL in hospital (not serious), wife’s cat died, someone stole a table from my classroom, they are screwing with my class schedule for next year, etc, etc, ad infinitum. All survivable, but stressful none the less. Then an un-named poster pushed my button.

Like I said…tempest in a teapot. But thank you for asking about it. Sometimes that can make it a little less annoying. :smiley:

I don’t want water…I want iced tea, with lots of ice and a mint leaf.

<ducks and runs>

Hope your day gets better.