I love Mozilla Firefox except...

It is freaking SLOW.

I love the tabbed windows, I love the immunity to pop-ups and spyware, but every time I try to refresh or open a new window, the sucker takes forever! And don’t even try to multitask.

Is there any way to speed this puppy up so I can leave IE forever?

I don’t know if that problem id Firefox in and of itself. I switched not too long ago, and the only speed issue I’v had has been in first opening it. It opes slower than IE, but once it’s open it blows it away in every way.

If there are problems calling up sites, or refreshing, you might want to look into your cche or cookies, maybe? Something doesn’t sound right though.

switched just 2 days ago. My only complaint so far is the different way it responds to the mousewheel.
In IE, if the focus is in a non-scrolling window (such as this edit box if the post is short) the mousewheel will scroll the ‘parent’ window if it’s scrollable or the parent’s parent if scrollable etc…
Apart from a slightly longer loading up time, once it’s up the pages seem to load faster.

You may like to try Opera. It has tabbed browsing, popup killer etc and in my experience it is very fast.

I switched to Mozilla from Opera because Opera was too slow. I find Mozilla faster but still not as fast as IE.

It must be something local. I use Mozilla Firefox exclusively, and its speed blows Internet Explorer (and Netscape, and Opera) out of the water.

There’s been a tweak for it floating about, which might help you:

Among other places, this setting was discussed here:

The initial settings are a bit low, and don’t let it make enough simultaneous connections to keep some people happy when loading pages with lots of individual images on them, for instance.

Just a quick note to save a lot of grief, the board software seems to put a underscore in about:config for some reason. To follow the instructions, type in about:config without the underscore.

It’s to disable active scripting, like javascript. Certain things followed by a : get underscores inserted to break the coding. Like javascript:

Here’s the one thing that has prevented my swich to Firefox from being an unmitigated joy. I installed the CookieCuller extension, because I like what it purported to do, but after I did so, my browser no longer remembered my online email passwods, not hotmail, not yahoo and not g-mail. I went through and marked every cookie related to email I could find as “preserve cookie”, but it still wouldn’t remember. It was a PITA to retype username and p/w each time, so I disabled cookie culler. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t remember, even with cookie culler disabled. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

I tried this with 0.9.3, and all that happens is the error “The URL is not valid and connot be loaded.”

See Shalmanese’s post. It’s not about:config (the underscore is an artifact of the board software), it’s about:config.

Got it - no space at all. Thanks

The annoying problem I find with Mozilla (and this is the case both with the Mozilla combined browser/mailer and when using Firefox and Thunderbird) is that it often seems to freeze for an inconvenient amount of time. This is particularly the case when new mail is received - generally the first way I know I’m receiving an email, even before I get the notification, is by the freeze - but also happens sometimes just on going from tab to tab. What can I do about this???

Dunno, but you’re not alone. It has an unfortunate tendancy to freeze when it’s waiting for an initial connection to establish. Doesn’t happen always, and I’m sure there’s a sound technical reason for it, but it’s really annoying when it does, as you can’t go use any other tabs while you’re waiting.

Probably your security settings. Best way to do this is to set up Allow exceptions for the websites you want cookies for. That way you can have any other setting you want for the internet as a whole, it will always allow them from those sites.

Thanks FG. While I’m at it, is there anyway to get the browser to stop returning me to the top of the page every time I “go back”? It’s bloody annoying always having to scroll down to get where I was before.

This is annoying. I asked about this here some time ago, and someone told me that it is a bug, and you can complain about it here:

I was also told that you can “Option Click” the link you want to see, and the link willl open in a new tab. When you close the new tab, you’ll be back in the same location you were when you clicked the link.
Some mice will perform the same action by clicking the scroll wheel, but that doesn’t work with my wireless mouse.

While I’m at it, how about a Mozilla mail/Thunderbird question?

When I reply to an email, can I tell it to place the cursor ABOVE the quoted text rather than below it? And can I get it to automatically start in fixed width rather than variable width (it seems I have to start my reply BELOW the quoted text to get it to do that).

The things I put up with for tabbed browsing and good spam control …

I changed the settings; Firefox runs a lot faster now. Thanks.