I love sleeping with my wife and spooning her. We've been married for multiple decades.

She is still very beautiful. I guess that’s when you realize that life can be good.

No further message.

What is the current state of your marriage?

She passed away several months ago.

So do I.

:: sigh ::
As someone who is not capable of that long-term of a relationship, I’m a little envious.

I’m sure they got a divorce, but are still cuddling anyways.

IOW, what are you asking?



Carl, is that you?

Your marriage is none of our business! ~snort~

Turn her over, and you can fork her.

Maybe he is spooning Hillary, and he is Bill.

Ha! High-fives for panache.

Glad to hear it R. P. McMurphy

While we’re on the topic of spooning, am I the only person that finds that position (of sleeping or cuddling) to be uncomfortable?

I am a male and usually behind the girl. The times I’ve spooned with girls their hair is usually all in my face and I can never hear anything they say, from sweet nothings post lovemaking or asking when they’ll get their money*, can’t hear it.

Plus there is the issue of where the arm I’m laying on goes. Curled up and sticking into her back? Stretched out and at her ass?

Or is the issue just that I’m terrible at spooning?

*That was a joke son, a joke!

It’s not just you. Spooning is generally overrated.

And cheers to the OP’s endless love. I love love. I look forward to the decades ahead with my beloved.

Under her head, then curled back to cup a breast. At least, that’s my default.

Dexter has the answer

RPGood for you mate, you’re a lucky man.

No. I don’t like it either. The idea of it was something I wanted, but the reality was that I couldn’t stand being a human teddy bear for more than 5 minutes.

I like spooning for a few minutes before rolling over and falling asleep for good for the night. My boyfriend and I take turns on who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon before we both admit that we are uncomfortable and want to fall asleep on our own halves of the bed.

However, sometimes if we are both really exhausted and lie down for a nap, we can fall asleep for a good hour or so in eachother’s arms, and it’s kind of a nice feeling waking up holding onto someone. Wish I could get comfortable at night doing that.