I love this town!

OK, so I’m an idiot. Just after New Year’s, I lost my electronic scheduler. Let the thing fall out of my pocket in a taxi, I did. Not 5 hours later, my co-workers and friends start getting emails. Here’s the text:

Is that cool, or what? So one day and a bottle of Grand Cru later, I’m reunited with my organizer. You wouldn’t a thunk it, but someone in New York busted his hump to make sure I got my organizer back.

So today, I do it again! Yep. Left the thing in a cab (I gotta get a leash). Took a little longer this time – 7 hours. This guy opened the “birthdays and anniversaries” file and called the first name on the list, figuring I’d know that person fairly well. Described some of the entries (Air France, three firing ranges, etc.) and bam! They figure out who owns it. Leaving early today to get another Grand Cru and pick it up.

Does New York (and do people generally) rock, or what?

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I’m a little concerned that the notable entries in your organizer are three firing ranges and an airline.

I hope you’re not planning anything foolish. Security at La Guardia is usually pretty tight.

Wow, I’m impressed. There are a few good people around still.

It’s fortunate the people who found your organizer were competent enough to operate the little bastard.

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Wow! I think you lucked out, man. Call me a pessimist, but I would not have bet that two random people in any big city would be so thoughtful. Actually, just hearing this has cast a favorable light on my fellow humans this afternoon…

Also, do we need to tape this damn thing to your arm, or what?

And I totally expect three firing ranges and an airline to be on the top of your list, Manny (wink, wink). I would have known it was yours right away if I would’ve found the sucker. For those of you who don’t know Manhattan, you are missing out.

Yeah, New Yorkers are great! Personally, I think I deserve a medal for how many correct directions I’ve given to tourists.

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Mel, whyever do you give CORRECT directions to tourists?

I give myself a notch on my gun for every tourist I can get as far as the South Bronx.


Hey Uke, one medal = one correct direction given. He was cute, what could I say?

You are too hilarious.

Formerly unknown as “Melanie”

Mannie, if I knew how to knit, I’d knit a little bag for this thing and tie it around your neck!

My husband found someone’s organizer once in park in Nashville. Guy offered us $50 when he came to pick it up but we told him not to worry about it. Soooo…if you ever lose it in Lansing, we’ll be the honest folks here!

Glad you got it back!

You lucky duck!

I lost one a couple of years ago(in a bar, I think).

Never saw it again.

manny, I’m with you on that one. I lost my license in a club in New York, someone there, I assume a janitor or the like, mailed it to me a few days later. I hate when I meet people and tell them I’m from near they and the first reaction is it’s a horrible town with horrible people. I have only met the nicest people while socializing in the city. So we don’t make eye contact with someone walking down the street, so what? So we don’t need to try and start a conversation with the loon sitting next to us on the C train, doesn’t mean we’re not polite, caring people.
Glad to hear ya got it back, but hey, I didn’t get that e-mail, so I guess I know who my REAL friends are. J/K :slight_smile:

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Who needs a airline reservation when you own a perfectly good firearm…

That’s an expensive hobby - two bottles of Grand Cru per month! :slight_smile:

I love New York - I take the shuttle up perhaps four times per year. And in general, I have found folks to be very pleasant and friendly.

But I will always remember struggling out of a subway station carrying a Mac Classic (which should date the story) and a briefcase, having no idea which direction Lexington was… approaching a woman who was, by all appearances, just standing there.

“Excuse me, but could…”


I retreated in confusion.

Then there was the time I got lost in the South Bronx (Hunt’s Point) area at night… but that is another story.

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I keep telling people I had nothing but good luck while in NY, and they keep looking at me like they are going to ask for my day pass. There are good people everywhere, and I usually manage to meet them!

Good for you Manny, to break the tradition of “all New Yorkers will screw you.”

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I miss New York.


Oh, and Manny… What kinda New Yorker goes leaving things in a cab TWICE? Man… I’m gonna start thinking you’re one of those bridge and tunnel creeps if you ain’t careful! :wink:

Yer pal,

Sort of renews the faltering faith in human kind and demolishes some stupid sterotypes at the same time. Good for your honest fellow NY’ers and to you, Mannie, for being a class act about the recoveries.

It frosts me when honest folks do the right thing and get a casual dismissal: “Oh, goodie, you found my missing money clip wadded with $100 bills. G’bye.” Rewards aren’t mandatory but a decent offers of thanks are.

FWIW, I found most NY’ers to be helpful good folks. Maybe a little faster-talking and jazzier, but no less kind and decent.

Thanks for a nice upper and reality check, Mannie. But you might want to consider a vacation, or at least an upscale, updated version of your mom pinning your lunch money to your pocket.


I was lucky when I was visiting in the midwest, I lost my wallet in Kalamazoo (it had fallen out of my jacket into a puddle in the rain and being BROWN I didn’t see it, even when I went back to look.) Well, next day someone comes out of the coffee shop after the puddle dries up and finds my e-mail address on a card inside (they assumed that since I had a CA license I’d moved there and hadn’t changed it yet, or something) and sent me mail asking if that was my correct address. I told them that yes it was and if there was any money left in it could they please mail it back to me. (I assumed that by phrasing it this way they would feel free to help themselves to their own “reward” which I would then consider a stupidity fee for losing it in the first place.) I received all my credit cards and ID’s back priority mail as well as the forty-some dollars I had in it! Well, I know Kalamazoo isn’t NY, but jeepers! BTW, I know this won’t help you with your problem, but my new wallet is reflective hi-visibility yellow so I won’t lose sight of it so easily. Maybe you could paint your organizer day-glo orange or something so it’s more eye-catching? I know that wouldn’t be as sophisticated, but sometimes you gotta admit you have a problem. :wink:

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!

Manny, you’re a lucky bastard. I have a solution for you. Staples, manny, staples.

Well, I left my cigarettes and lighter on a table in a bar in Dublin and came back three hours later and they were still there. I thought THAT was pretty cool. Nothing compared to your story, though, Manny …

And having previously lived in NY and now in California, I completely agree - New Yorkers deserve a LOT more credit than they get.

An update: Since the guy who found it the second time was a commodities trader, I decided on a bottle of Macallan 12-year rather than the wine (stereotyping, I know, but he didn’t seem to mind).

He seemed happy that I brought something rather than offering cash. I know many people would prefer a cash reward, and I suppose I would have offered one if either of the finders were poor, but it seems kind of icky when it’s professional to professional. So I’ll say that a bottle or similar is definitely the way to go here.

As for my excuse for losing the thing twice? I blame casual day. When I ditch the suit, I have no inside pocket. So the thing falls out of my outside coat pocket. When I upgrade to the Palm Pilot, I’ll have it implanted surgically so I don’t have to go through this again.

An expensive lesson, but getting the thing back twice like this put a spring in my step all weekend.

Livin’ on Tums, vitamin E and Rogaine

…as the gods of good fortune look down and say, “Strike two.”