I love women ... or; How I found my happy place.

So I’m having a rough couple of weeks in general and I’m a bit stressed and find myself over-reacting to things that normally don’t get to me.

This morning as I’m headed to work, the weather is an exact reflection of my general mood. Overcast, drizzly and on the chilly side. I park my car and walk to my office building.

Coming in the opposite direction is a fairly attractive woman in well fitted business attire walking casually with a cell phone to her ear and clearly enjoying her conversation because she’s got a smile on her face and she’s looking down as she walks with her longish brown hair falling around her face. And that’s when it happens all at once…

… she pauses her stride slightly. The ankle of one foot sort of brushing the other. As she does this, she drops her hip to one side which causes her to slightly sway her hips to the other side. Simultaneously, the hand that isn’t holding the phone to her ear, casually sweeps the hair out of her face and over the ear without the phone and revealing a graceful cheekbone, jaw and cute little ear. And then she smiles even brighter into the phone blowing a kiss into it.

The next second, she regains her stride and fixes her gate. As we pass by eachother we make eye contact and nod a friendly hello continuing on to our respective destinations.

But from that moment on, that little bit of graceful beauty really brightened my day.

I find happy places like this all the time, but not always with women or men with any sort of surface beauty, or even grace…

One time, when I was working at the factory, I came flying around the corner, coming out of the locker room, and there was a very, very large lady trying to come in the door the wrong way - it only opened one way, from the inside of the locker room, and she was trying to get in. Well, I came busting out. She looked startled, and began falling, falling, falling… backwards and whoooomp! on her ample rump. I felt terrible, and I reached out my hand to help her up, ready to grip and haul…

But when she reached up to take my hand, she gave me only her fingertips, and gently rose to her feet, as though she were made of the most delicate china. She glanced up at me and said “thank you”, brushed herself off and walked calmly into the locker room, through the proper door. I think I fell a little in love that day. I almost cried.

I don’t know when or why it’s going to happen, but it does, often, and it could be anyone, from the most graceful gazelle of a woman, to the largest, pot bellied-est man… and when it does, it knocks me off of my stride, causes me to stumble, stare after the person who just made my whole day, and smile like a loony for a week.

I think I love everybody, sometimes.

Everyone needs some kind of loving. Even the ones that don’t seem like it at first. They just need a particular brand of it.

For some reason I found reading this to be profoundly depressing…I think I’ve lost myself and I don’t know how to get back…to me.

. . . until she showed me her dick.

…and now I will be* laughing * like a loony for a week. :smiley:

Clearly profound experiences are wasted on you. :mad:
Philistines. :stuck_out_tongue:

You sometimes say things like this.

This has led me to come to the conclusion that I am in love with you. Yes, I’m a woman. Yes, I’m completely heterosexual and not even bi-curious.

And yet, it’s true. I love you.

<whisper> See, you morons?! This shit totally works on women. Shudup and learn somethin’…</whisper>

Um, did I mention that this girl on the phone had a bit of a bahdonkadonk? But I think that just added to her beauty. :smiley:

And from that moment on, my day has now been made a little bit brighter.

Other than the possible inappropriateness of her exposing her genitals to you, I don’t see why this should spoil your appreciation of her feminine charms. What QuickSilver saw was an outward display (albeit probably unfeigned) of beauty.

I… :o

Thank you. :slight_smile: You just made my day. So that means I love you, too.

Hey, A, that’s a beautiful story and sentiment. Thanks!

I don’t care what they say about you, you are a nice person. :smiley:

There is so much to see in this world if people open their eyes and look around them - it sounds like you do that.

Sorry, forgot the OP - here’s a link for you, Quicksilver, that might help shake you out of your blues.