I Love You

Many, many, many times throughout the day to my SO and my kids. Every phone conversation with my SO ends with it. If I said “I love you” and he didn’t say it back I’d feel pretty rotten!

My kids are very lovey dovey and they come up to me all the time and give me a hug and say “I love you” for no reason at all. And it’s so cute when my son says it because he’s only 2 1/2 and it sounds like “I yuv you.” :slight_smile:

Everytime I talk to my friends I tell them I love them. Almost everytime I talk to my family members I tell them I love them. I tell my SO about 6 times a day. Sometime when he tells me I say, “I know. I love you too.” I look forward to someday when my kids do the cute things you all mentioned. awwww.

To hubby at least 5 times a day on a bad day. 2-3 times that many when I’m feeling extra lovey, or when I stop to think just how much he really means to me :slight_smile:

I speak with my folks about once a month, so we say it then. But growing up we hardly ever said it. I can honestly remember months and months going by - maybe even a year - without hearing them say that to me. Now that I’m 10,000 miles away… I think they realise just what a good kid they had.

I love hearing it, especially in Romani… puuurrrr It makes me wonder what I’ve done wrong, or what’s up with hubby if I don’t hear it as much as usual.

I say “I love you” to Airman as often as possible. In fact, if I e-mail him and don’t say it, the message looks naked.

Robin, who is killing time at the Biloxi library for the next hour and twenty-one minutes till it’s time to go see Dave!

To my son, so often he gets sick of hearing it.

Me:“Hey, guess what?”
Him:“You love me.”
Me:“Yep. Oh, and by the way…”
Him:“You love me.”
Me:“Yes. And one more thing…”
Him:“You love me, you love me, you love me!:”
Me:“And I love you”
Him: :rolleyes:
Me: :smiley:

To my kids: I love you.
Them: Why?
Me: Explain things they’ve done that day that make me love them, even if it’s just that they are my children.

I don’t always get it back in words but always in deeds.

I tell my honey that I love him billions of times throughout the day. I do feel silly sometimes because I feel like I’ve said it waaaaay too much. But I take comfort in knowing at least he knows how I feel.
I’m grateful that he says I love you back too.
I have said “i know” back, but as a joking reply.
He wasn’t too happy when I did say " I know", so now I don’t say that.
If he doesn’t say I love you back, I say it louder until he does.
[sub] I love you Matthew [/sub]

Isay it to my husband once or twice a day.

He has never, ever, ever, said that he loves me. My general impression is that he feels the phrase is so overused that it has become meaningless, and I can certainly see how he could think that. His mother throws it around very casually: she told me she loved me the first time we met. But he treats me wonderfully, respects me fully, and we always enjoy being together, so the lack of a particular catchphrase dosen’t bother me at all.

scout122 - I think we are in the minority - but we don’t say it every day, either. I think it is overused and I would rather not hear it out of routine - like when hanging up the phone. I only want to hear it, and only say it, when I can say it with all the emotion it deserves. I cringe when I hear men say a forced “I love you” over the phone to say goodbye because their buddies - or anyone in the office, etc - could hear them. If you can’t say it like you mean it, don’t.
I have been known to say “thank you” in response, instead of “I love you” back…

How can we have so many words for excrement and only one word for love? We need different words for love between friends, love between parents and their children, love between two soul mates… love for a particular type of food.

I say it as often as I can, usually several times a day.

Sometimes words are all we have and I want her to know how much she means to me.

I love you, Brynda

Many, many times. And if I didn’t hear it said back, I’d feel broken.

A couple times a day.

Do the Greek “eros” and “agape” count? (And no, I’m not going to figure out how to use the Greek characters for that.)

But anyway, I tell him I love you whenever I see him in the mirror.

Alas, I’m in the minority. Verbally, about once a week (more with the kids). Nonverbally, many, many times a day.

I tell my boyfriend many times a day. My parents, less often - perhaps once or twice a month. :frowning: I sometimes say it to my sister, but in a non-serious way (even though I do love her) - more of an “awww, I wubs you silly poo!” sort of way.

If my wife told me “zillions” of times a day she loved me, I’d divorce her.

Never. :frowning:

Text it to my bf all the time.

My wife and I never leave home for work without saying it to each other, and we never go to bed at night without it being one of the last things on our lips. Without fail. There’s never any consistency as to who says it first–sometimes her, sometimes me–but it never gets old or tired or boring; it always releases a surge of energy through me because I never expect it when she says it (and I suspect vice versa) so it always comes as a warm & welcome “surprise.” That also goes for other compliments (sweet, gorgeous, foxy, etc.); if anything, we probably tone it down a little in front of others because it’d probably make them sick (with jealousy, that is :slight_smile: ).

My wife keeps telling me she loves the dog and gets upset if I don’t say I love her too. :rolleyes: