I Love You

How often do you tell the one you love that you actually love them??
If you dont get told how does that make you feel??


Every day. Or more. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that using the term will make it meaningless over time, but being told is so nice.

Several times a day. Every physical parting or phone conversation ends with that being said. I cherish what I have and want her to know it.

I make a point to tell the wife and kid everyday! I only say i love my garage once a week, so that’s pretty special! :smiley:

She hears it from me every day. So do my kids.

At least once a day. Most of the time we’ll end our phone conversations with an “I love you,” but not always.

I have never counted, but MANY MANY times a day. Probably over 20. It has been like that forever, both given and received.

I love sitting there watching TV and hearing, “I love you” out of the blue :rolleyes: Maybe I’m just a sap!


I tell my husband and son at least once a day.

The best sound is when my son is watching TV and just out of the blue he’ll say, “I love you mom”. Pulls at the heartstrings, I tell ya.

At least twice a day, minimum. Once at night before going to sleep, once in the morning upon waking up. Usually two or three times more during the course of the day.

Every single day. Multiple times a day. And if I didn’t get told back, I’d feel pretty empty.

Several times a day… maybe 12 or so.

I also make a point to tell the people that I don’t like that I hate them every day.

Wow, am I in the minority?

We don’t say it much.

Tell me it’s not just me and my cold, black heart.

To family members and close friends, I say it every now and again. I have to say that doing so more than that makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I’m getting better and saying it more often. Must be some kind of maturity thing. :slight_smile:

As for romantic situations, I’m not sure. I have said it to my SOs, but not on a regular basis. I dunno. I guess I’m just more action-oriented. I might help him solve a problem, massage his back when he’s stressed out, or, just because it’s Thursday, surprise him with some kinky lovin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hearing “I love you,” said to me is always nice, especially since with my SOs, it tended to come out of the blue, while were walking down the street or talking about music or something. I like it when it happens, but I don’t require it.

My girlfriends get upset over not hearing it, or not hearing it often enough, which mystifies me, and makes me wonder what my problem is. I don’t think I’ve even noticed how often SOs have said it to me – at least, I don’t remember. It just never occurred to me. I guess I just figured that if my guy is willing spending time with me, doing things for me and with me, things are fine, right?

I don’t have an SO, but every time I talk with my mom, dad, brother or sister, I make a point to say it at least once per conversation (I talk to them once a week or every couple weeks.)

I tell my students I love them all the time. It’s always very flip though. “I love you, sweetie, but you’re about to fail my class” or “You know I love you, but I can’t talk to you right now. You’re pissing me off.”

I never say it to my friends. Guess I should.

I tell her many many times a day.

Not sure how it would feel if she wouldn’t say it back sense I’ve only had one girl in my 18 years and she reciprocates the I love you. I can tell you though that telling her that for the first time was one of the scarier moments of my life.

I tell him several times a day. The "I love you!"s aren’t all the same. Sometimes they’re little happy bursts of joy, sometimes they’re comforting reassurances, sometimes they’re deep soulful pronouncements.

My husband and kids: many, many times every day.

The few other people I love: almost never.

Several times a day… but ask me again in 10 years. We haven’t even had our second anniversary (hey, I’m a realist).
By the way, does it irk anyone else in movies when one person says ‘I love you’ and the other responds ‘I know’? That would make me SOOO mad.

That only works if the people are Han Solo and Princess Leia. Other than that, it sucks. Sux, even.

Many times a day, in several different languages (English, Hindi, German). Multiply that ~10 times for when we’re snugglin’.

sigh :slight_smile: