I’m in a screenwriting competition!

NYC Midnight does a annual short screenwriting competition.

You receive a movie genre, a subject, and have just a week to write a 15-page screenplay.

If you do well in that round, you’re given a new genre, a new subject, and only 24 hours to write a new script.

I’ve done this for two years now and have placed well both times and have had a good time.

This year, I’m working with “Fantasy Movie” and “Clouds.”

Wish me luck!

Neato. I recently entered a feature-length (119 pages) screenplay in the Nicholl Fellowship contest. In a few weeks I should know if I made it to the quarterfinals. (An unlikely event in any case; they get over 5000 entries every year.)

Good luck!

And – Goddamnit! Registration is already closed!

I just entered the Disney/ABC TV writing fellowship competition… won’t hear anything on that for months.

I also entered my first screenplay in a horror movie screenplay competition. We’ll see how that goes.