I made a girl cry, and a possibly crazy chick likes me. Story at 11.

I had the strangest night at the bar.

OK, so first of all, I’m going to the bar with a male friend and a female friend I just recently met at church. She’s interesting, but also not pretty and, much more importantly, seems strange. I say ‘seems strange’ because fuck I know I’m a strange dude and I’m willing to give a huge benefit of the doubt.

The thing with her is that when we first met yesterday, she started hitting on me. Hard. She complimented me, touched my leg and shoulder, got my number, and talked to me nonstop the whole night… at a worship service. The craziness kicked in when she got jealous about me mingling with other girls, and said things like “I don’t want to be pushy, but maybe you never want to see me again.” Now I know how girls feel when guys push too hard… On top of that, I ask about her to a guy I know at the worship service, and he says she has ‘boundary issues,’ and that ‘she is like that with everyone.’ :eek:

So, because I’m nice, and by nice I mean stupid, after a bible study she invited me too, I let her drive me home and we go to a bar together. Luckily I got a male friend of mine to come along. So tonight we’re at the bar, and she is hitting on every guy there. She invited 3 separate guys over to the table and got each one’s number. She claims that was just ‘being friendly.’ We all know that’s a fucking lie. OK, so before that bubble is burst, all three of us went outside.

While outside, a gorgeous chick in a tight red dress is pouting in the corner saying “I look shitty.” My friend starts sucking up to her and says “no no no you look great!” I am in a bad mood from the stress of the evening, so I say to her, “look at me hon.” She looks at me and I give her a good look. I say to her “meh, you look great!” She says “Why did you say ‘meh?’” I said, “Well, maybe you’re having an off night. Maybe you could look better.”

Bad decision. It’s tough, because on the one hand I wasn’t being purposefully hurtful, but yet there was definitely an evil, bitter side of me that reveled in the outcome. She started crying and ran off saying “OMG. How could you say that?!” My friend went over to apologize and of course that didn’t pan out. I felt bad for making her cry but at the same time I felt angry that such a hot girl would be fishing for compliments and then get upset when she wasn’t told exactly what she wanted to hear. Anyway, her boyfriend came over and asked what happened. We explained, and although things got dicey for a bit, it ended well with no altercation.

That’s when two underage chicks tried to sneak in and the cops came. The underage chicks then try to start fights with everyone, but nobody takes the bait. The religious girl who was flirting with other guys then says that this is why one shouldn’t drink. Then, on an unrelated note, she gets angry that I wasn’t stopping her from flirting with other guys earlier. She says “why didn’t you follow me and act interested?” WTF! Anyway, we head home…

Once at my place, she asks to come in. I feel bad, and to be frank a smidgen horny, so I let her in. Yes, “here is my sign.” Anyway, I make tea and cook her some instant soup. We then talk about our faith and how I shouldn’t be hanging out at bars and other places that God doesn’t like. I am a very faithful Christian, so while I try to listen intently, at the same time I feel bad that she is so straightlaced. I just listen and I explain to her how many of my zealously religious friends (not to mention my archdiocese of Boston) have done the most evil, and how I try to be a very worldly Christian. I realize then that I’m definitely not getting any poon, and my brain and heart all tell me that this is a good thing. My brain adds “don’t stick it in the crazy.” So, she decides then she has to leave, and we call it a night.

On the way out, seeing as on the way home earlier she was asking me how I felt about her romantically, I tell her that I like things about her but that I’m not ready to be in a relationship. I did like her when we first met, but after all this I’m frankly quite scared of her. She says fine and that “it’s no big deal.” We both know it’s a lie, but hey, fine by me.

Something about me attracts drama… .I’m so happy I’m still single. At least it makes for an interesting story (hopefully).

In conclusion, I hope that girl I made cry feels better though. Even if she was being emotional and silly, I was still an asshole, so I feel a little :frowning:

In grade 10 it gets easier.

Assuming that’s not a joke, I’m 24…

They have blogs now for this kind of thing.

With all respect, it was obviously a joke, because your OP reads like …well, I won’t say, because it’s clearly an important situation for you. I hope it works out.

Yes, it was rather LiveJournal-ish. You know what? Tough nuggies. This was important to me, and many things more mundane than this have been posted here. I should know, because I’m one of the people who has posted them.

If 99% of the dope ignores this, and just one person takes the time to read this and gives me some heartfelt advice, then I am happy and will be forever grateful to the person.

Anyway, this girl called me again tonight. I leveled with her. I told her how I did like her at first, but that her fast and hard approach scared me. She said she didn’t mean it like that. I told her how some people might interpret it otherwise. She didn’t understand.

I told her how I felt jealous when she flirted with others at the bar. She said that if we’re just friends it shouldn’t matter. I told her she was right, but that emotions don’t work that way. She said I should have told her she was jealous. I told her how flirting with other guys just to make a guy like you is emotionally manipulative and insecure. She disagreed.

She said I was making ‘too big a deal’ out of it, but I just wanted to get things out in the open. She says we’re just friends, but then she says “the ball is in my court.” Ugh. I’ll stop here. Anyway, I should just block her and get it over with, but she is part of a new social circle I’ve been exploring, and I hate to burn bridges.

If this seems immature to you, then congrats on your grip on relationships and emotions. I am truly humbled by your mastery of this subject :rolleyes:

You want heartfelt advice? Run far, far away from this person. Now.

She either has actual mental/emotional issues or is a drama whore of almost unprecedented proportions.
This is merely my gut feeling based on your own telling of the story, IMHO, YMMV, etc, etc.

No matter how wild the crazy chick might be in bed, remember two things:

  1. She’s crazy.
  2. She’s ugly.
    No amount of venus butterflies, whirling emus, or flaming fruitchews will counterbalance those two things.

Good God–run like hell. I know I’m an old prude and a dinosaur to boot, but truly, women in bars don’t give out their phone numbers like breath mints. Really.

So you were momentarily cruel to a girl who was fishing for compliments. Maybe your moment of truth with her made her reflect on her behavior? If not, then don’t do that anymore. Simple enough–we all do random mean things sometimes.
Church girl scares me–she’s too pushy, too needy, too clingy and too fast. Hey, if the mutual attraction is there, go and have monkey sex the first time you go out. Whatever. But if the mind games have ALREADY started? No and No and No.

I’d date you except for the age difference and my husband… :wink:

Seriously. Maybe if she was insanely hot it’d make up for the crazy for at least a little bit, then when all of your clothes are on fire in your front yard you could convince yourself it was worth it.

I’m just not seeing any upside on this one.

You’re right. Like you and Scumpup have said, deep down I’ve already pretty much decided this is bad news, and, if you know me at all, it takes a truly fucked up situation for me to say it’s bad news. I guess I wanted to share because lord knows I can be oblivious when it comes to these sort of things and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious. Plus, I like sharing (in case you couldn’t already tell :p)

Hey, only half of that is a deal-breaker in my book :cool:

Girls like this is the reason God made our arms long enough for our hands to fit our genitals.

Originally posted by FriarTed

hehe…snicker…snort… BWAH HA HA HA HA HA

Man, I am soooo stealing this line to use on one of my friends.

And Autolycus, I know you’ve pretty much already made up your mind, but I will third or forth the suggestion to run far, fast, and like your ass is on fire.


Not much to add.

What they said.

What you said, whether you were paying attention to you or not.

Don’t stick it in the crazy.

Not that one anyways. There are some crazies that are worth the ride, but she doesn’t strike me as one.

Auto, step away from the crazy. Girls who are stable don’t act like that.

Forgive yourself for being momentarily cruel to the other girl and put the whole incident behind you. She was probably drunk and doesn’t remember anyway. :wink:

Can someone please, please help figure out which doper (if it was a doper) originated that phrase? “Don’t stick your hand in the crazy” It’s my fav quote ever and I seem to remember it from a thread in which a parent was dealing with their adult kids mental health, possibly borderline personality.

‘Worldly Christian.’ That is hilarious. That sounds like something every Christian girl’s first, much older boyfriend told them so he could stick it in her poon. Classic.

I thought the whole idea of Christianity, was to be, um, not worldly?

“Poon” is such a rude, uncultured word and this is a thread about Xians. Can’t we, instead, call it her “Holey of Holies?”

Autolycus, I don’t have anything against you but I would like to point out that your OP really gives the impression that you were wrong about being a nice guy in this post of yours from a week and a half ago.