I made a meat casserole. What's your latest experiment?

I had a bunch of thin cut pork chops plus chicken thighs and was too lazy to figure out what separate dishes to make with them so I put them together.

In a dutch oven, I put the thighs on the bottom, a layer of portobello and shiitake mushrooms and onion (seasoned salt, pepper, herbs de provence), then a layer of pork chops and more mushrooms and onion with same seasoning, and another layer of pork chops just made it to the rim. Poured over a bottle of hard cider, then a bit of olive oil to coat the top, and salt/pepper. Put it in the oven at 350 with no lid (chops made a pretty solid layer and I want the top ones to brown) and will check it in a couple hours.

I also have potatoes and carrots in the fridge. I plan to cook those in the liquid from tonight’s experiment, probably tomorrow since I won’t have time tonight. (plus that will give me a chance to peel off the fat layer) After all that, I might make stuffing with whatever broth is still left.

Whoo that’s a lot of food. I have a bad habit of cooking full pots of stuff that I end up freezing and/or eating for a week!