I made a video! Come and see it! Yay!

Hey all,

So I spent a LOT of time on this video… and I mean a lot… hours and hours of painstaking labor… and all for the sake of art. :slight_smile: (Which means, it doesn’t sell or promote anything. It just exists for its own sake.) And now I want people to see it!

I posted it on my sister’s account on Youtube at:

Secrets of the Internet-- Cats Included.

There’s also a link to the other version in the description. That, too, was a labor of love. Harry Potter fanfic is involved.:slight_smile:

(So the pic is my sister, not me… Why my sister’s account? Well, I was under the impression that people could only find videos through search terms if a user had three or more videos already on the channel.Who knows if it’s true. Too late to change it now.) :wink:

I…uh…well…WTF, man? Was there a point to that?

Couldn’t make head or tails of it. So, yeah, I guess it must be a work of art.

Mark me down as another WTF…

I thought we weren’t allowed to post threads saying “Look at my YouTube video.” (cite - from when I posted a similar thread.)

I’m not trying to diss the OP, I’m just trying to see if there’s a rule against posting your YouTube videos.

So, it was a parody of the educational films that we used to watch in elementary school with a dash of conspiracy theory thrown in. I thought it was actually kind of funny.

The Draco-Ginny version was really weird, though.

I made it less than half way through.

Oh… I’m sorry, if it ISN’T allowed…(feels bad.) I checked out Emily’s thread, and it was closed. But the thing is that I know I’ve seen people posting links to their blogs. So that’s why I thought it was okay, as long as it wasn’t spam/trying to sell something. Believe me, it isn’t.

Didn’t know so many Dopers had ADHD. It’s a three minute video, people.

Anyways, I thought it was funny, in that wacky Far Side way. I grinned the whole way through. Though I didn’t quite get the ending.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I asked the question about the 3-vid requirement in General Questions, btw. I swear I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure how reliable the source was.

And the ending was… well, I think that everyone can kind of make up their own, but the idea is that the hapless narrator was dragged off by special forces and put into a black helicopter or similar conveyance. (It’s a PARODY… I’m not saying that I think this is really happening…)

Why do you think we have ADH… oooh, shiny!

Guess you had to start somewhere.

It does show that you put a lot of time into it. Anybody who doesn’t think so has never actually tried to make a good video.

I liked it – don’t get the WTFs; guess some people can’t handle the truth. :wink:

BTW: Do you hear helicopters yet? Is there a black van parked outside with lots of weird looking antennas sticking up?

Kind of cute, mildly entertaining, and I got the ending. IOW, better than some of my videos.:frowning: All that unzooming nearly sucked my eyeballs out, though.

I thought the video was cute.

Mildly entertaining. Except for the microphone tapping or whatever the heck was going on with the sound. Really distracting.

That was the sound of the chalk ‘writing’ on the chalkboard. Took me a minute to figure out too.

I confess I don’t get it, but I’m a sucker for cats, so it was kinda cute. The backwards N thing though drove me nuts. I ended up focusing on that more than anything else, looking for it and hoping it was an occasional cutesy thing.

It annoyed me too, so I decided it was a spread out lowercase “n.” The “i” is lowercase, so maybe that was the intention.

It was the blackboard font. I agree about the backwards n, though. It’s possible that I went a little overboard with the reverse zooming… :wink: