I May Be Buying a House!

Well, I signed the papers to put in an offer, anyway. Which is stupid, in a way, as I’m not 100% certain that my job will be with me in a few months. But I am confident in my chances of keeping that job or finding a new comparable one.

The important thing is : I may finally have room for all my books and DVDs!

And the walls won’t have cheap, crappy paint that I’m forbidden to put posters on!

And it’ll be my own domain, where my own rules apply, no matter how strange, silly, or warped they may be! Muhuhaha!

And it has a really nice basement.

I hope your offer comes through CandidGamera. Then you can join the wonderful world of home ownership.

You will get to:

  • fix leaky toilets
  • fix dripping faucets
  • paint and wallpaper
  • to know HVAC Techs, plumbers, electricians, pest control persons, and a host of other people who fix broken house stuff
  • mow, trim, edge, pull weeds
  • pay property taxes and homeower’s insurance
  • have the joys of a Home Owner’s Association should you be so unfortunate as to move into one of those neighborhoods.

Then again, you can put a privacy fence around your backyard and run nekkid through the sprinklers whenever you feel like it. :smiley:

[sub]Not that I have ever done such a thing as that.[/sub]

Meh. Offer was rejected. They didn’t even counter.

Of course, I sent in a counter-offer of my own, anyway, but I think they just have overinflated expectations of price.

True, but you also get to build up some sick equity. We paid $138,000 for our townhouse in '99. Today, we can sell it for over $300,000!

Of course, all houses have gone up in value in our area, so we still can afford anything else. But if we wanted to, we could sell the house, make a nice little profit, buy a nice single-family home on a 1/2 acre 90 miles away, and then I would only have a four hour commute every day to work and back. :dubious:

I too am the recipient of “sick equity” and it makes me glad we went for the house that was a little out of our range.

Before that I was the ricipient of reverse equity, if you will.
Our house’s value came crashing down quicker than we could pay the mortgage. It’s still one of the worst experiences of my life.

So things can go either way.
Good luck on the house hunting Candid, and don’t get discouraged.

Am I unreasonable to expect some haggling on the price? I thought that was how these things were done. I made an offer based on the price of the other identical house next door, and based on the value of the house in the assessor’s records, and they claimed it was $20,000 too low because of some appraisal they had done… well, excuse me for not taking you at your word, sheesh.