I may be new, but I'm no one's puppet.

I’ve been lurking on the SD boards for a few weeks now, and I’ve seen many threads that I’ve found interesting, but I’ve only posted a couple of times. Why? Well… it seems to me that one’s number of posts has a fairly substantial effect on how one gets treated around here. I’m a little worried that, even if I go to the trouble to make a detailed, rational argument, or response, or what-have-you, that a lot of people are going to just look at my post count and move on by without giving me a second thought.

So, just for the record, everyone: Yes, I am a newbie here. No, I am not a sock puppet (I’m sensitive enough to rejection that if I got booted, I’d probably never show my face again… and certainly not just for the sake of being annoying, which seems to be the main reason for puppetry). I’m not a troll, either (at least, I’d never be one intentionally). I’m just a plain ol’ newbie who’s read the Straight Dope for years, and wants to be given a chance to prove he can contribute.

To get introductions out of the way: My name, as you can see, is Calredic–it has no deep signifigance; it’s just a cooler-sounding version of my real name. I’m 23, and am one semester away from a probably-not-very-useful degree in English. I’m very pleased to make all of your acquaintances; I hope that you’ll all be just as pleased to make mine. If I ever do or say something stupid or inappropriate, please let me know, as it will almost definitely be unintentional on my part. That’s all I really wanted to say here. Thanks for reading!

–Calredic, newbie

Pleased to meetcha. Cool name - at least the way I pronounce it. :slight_smile:


Pleased to meet you, too, jazzmine! I’m glad you like my name… just out of curiosity, though, how are you pronouncing it? The only two variants I can think of are “Sel-redik” and “Kal-redik,” the latter being the intended pronunciation. But hey, as long as no one misspells it, it’s all the same to me! :wink:


Welcome to the neighborhood, Calredic. This place is pretty damn addictive, so beware. :smiley:

I was actually pronouncing it kal-ray-dick. So I was close.

Well, I rarely look at post count, unless someone makes an issue of it. Of course, mine’s pretty low anyway, compared to a few other Dopers.

People will pay attention to you, as long as you contribute something new to the discussion. So just jump in. A little flirting doesn’t hurt, either.

And finally, as someone 4 years on the other side of a not-very-useful English degree, take the first good job you’re offered!

It’ll just take me a little while to stop thinking “Cal Redneck”. :smiley:

Okay, so what could your real name be… Sir Cedric maybe? Howz about Medrick, or maybe it’s an anagram for Iced carl or Cal Dicer.

Since you’re already a SD fan, I’m sure you’ll bend right in. Woops- did I say bend? I’m pretty sure I must have meant blend.

And aren’t you lucky! Your thread gets:

Manual sig line #42

Welcome, Calredic. Glad to have you aboard.

I really have to disagree with your idea that if you are a newbie and you make a detailed, rational post people will ignore you because you have a low post count. In fact, I would say just the opposite. I would direct you attention to the New Posters You Like thread. In there a number of new posters with very low post counts were recognized as valued contributors. Notable was the appreciation for London_Calling, who was applauded by several regular posters for the strength of his very first post.

I think that it is only when new posters start to immediatly violate our prime rule and act like jerks that people complain about newbies. If you make detailed, rational posts (or anything close) you most likely won’t get attacked for being a newbie (though you may well be challenged on the substance of your arguments).

New posters that are the lifeblood of this board. If you don’t act like a jerk (and it’s apparent you are not one), you will have no problem. (And, by the way, some of the threads in the Pit, home of the outraged, give people a really skewed idea about what people think. I’d stay out if it makes you feel uncomfortable.)

Hang out, post relevant things, and you’ll get along just fine.

You’re doing just super; your thread already rates an Opus Value of 4.7 - a hot topic if ever there was one!

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Well, if I were my brother, “Cal Redneck” would be all too fitting. :stuck_out_tongue: And I could tell you my real name, but those guys at the Federal Witness Protection Program would probably be pissed about having to pay for another relocation–I don’t wanna’ end up in Death Valley or northern Alaska… :wink:


Hey Cal, no sweat! I’ve only been around a few months and I’m having a great time. I was even mentioned in the “Who do you have crush on” thread. By the way, thanks to those who thought of me, loyalty will be rewarded. Just stick around here for a while where the mundane rules and you don’t have to have Harvard studies to back up your point.

Hey, Calredic. Nice to meet ya.

There is a certain amount of what you describe here–dislike of newbies, post-counters, and registration-date mavens. But most people are more interested in what you have to say than anything else, so go ahead and say what you want. Add anything to the collected storehouse of knowledge that you can…or make somebody laugh and forget their lousy day.

Incidentally, I’ve been here a month, and as far as I know nobody’s called me a troll, a sock puppet, or a Pat Buchannan supporter. (Though I was accused of not being as funny as I thought I was–now THAT hurt.)

Son of Jorredic! Kneel before Zod!

And welcome. You’ve introduced yourself elegantly.

Welcome, Calredic!

I’ve often seen mention of newbie bashing, but I just don’t see it happen, based on newbieness alone. Bashing of trolls occours, and it is sometimes unwarranted. And that is almost always a sort of newbie bashing, because trolls tend to reveal themselves early on.

Other than that, I really don’t think you’ve anything to fear.

Lots of regs aren’t really comfortable with some coding stuff, and I’m hardly a wizard. If a message board is something new to you, be advised it is a bit different than real time interpersonal communications that we’re used to elsewhere. But there are not really any unspoken protocols that you can’t fathom out on your own.

I operate independently of the secret cabal that a certain mr. concrete has recently mentioned. He’ll probably wind up ostracized for some silly thing, like failing to cough up the TubaDiva chocolate tribute. Nothing for a reasonable sort such as yourself to be concerned about.

Post away!

Thanks everyone! I’m sure you’re right, and I don’t need to worry about it (come to think of it, I have been reading a lot of stuff in the pit). Still, I like to try and get things off on the right foot. I’ve posted on message boards elsewhere in the past, so online ettiquite (I just can’t bring myself to type “nettiquite” and mean it) isn’t completely new to me. It might take me a little while to get used to the text formatting here, though…

Anyway, thanks again! I’ll see you all around the board!


You want advice you can’t get elsewhere? That’s why I’m here for you.

A) Don’t let them razz you about anything, especially post count. Only jerks measure. Just ignore the jerks. They are invisible. Remember that.

B) I don’t care about post count, as you can see.

C) If YOU, however, care, there’s no reason to stew and lurk. There IS a cure. Don’t be afraid to use it just because you think there’s shame in it. Most of the people with big counts and short board stints have taken the cure: go over to About This Message Board and post some tests. Spread them over several threads, especially test threads started by others. Just copy the lame ones you see there. As you will see, lots of people don’t even pretend to modify the successive tests. You can only post once every sixty seconds, but by the time you’ve watched Leno and Conan that’s 120+.

If you ever get called on it, tell them I sent you. I’ve already got A) and B) down pretty good.

Not to worry there Calredic. If anyone calls you a sock puppet just tell them you are my sock puppet and you’ll be fine.
Welcome to the board. Meet my best friend aha. He’s always good for a laugh. Sometimes the big guys even drop in and speak to the lowlies here, that’s always a heart racing experience too.
Hey guys, I’ve never had a sock puppet before, would I like it?

The only time I even look at post count is if the post itself doesn’t make any sense. Syntax wrong, grammer screwed up, etc. I’ve found most poorly phrased posts are from Newbies. Perhaps they don’t survive long enough to earn the non-newbie mark of honor.

Welcome! Don’t ask about felching. You don’t want to know. Worship Wally, you’ll fit right in. Or, get out before you become REALLY addicted. And remember: only hit the submit button once.

Ultress: <murmured sensually, complete with smouldering stare> I’ll gladly be your sock puppet any ol’ time, ultress… :wink:

SwimmingRiddles: I think I have at least a general idea of what “felching” is, based on the mentions I’ve seen of it in several posts. And I’m guessing a “general idea” of it is all I should probably want. By the way, Wally seems like a truly great guy from what I’ve read. With his sense of humor, it’s obvious why he’s a member of the SDMB “creme de la creme.” Maybe someday I’ll manage to score a personalized Wally sig to call my own…

–Calredic, warm of heart and soul


Please allow me to introduce myself…

Yer pal,

One month, two days, 12 hours, 56 minutes and 38 seconds.
1301 cigarettes not smoked, saving $162.69.
Life saved: 4 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes.