Newbies of the world unite!

Greetings, my fellow new-type posters!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen several newbies here…Homer, Coldfire, LauraRae. Who else is out there?

Write in, say howdy, let us know what ya think of the board.

BTW in case anybody gives a rat’s ass, I’ve read SD for almost as long as I’ve been of the internet (about 5 months). I started posting 3 weeks ago, and I’m not just a newbie to THIS board, but any message board in general(I’m sure it shows ;)).

I think the SD is a very cool site, and I like the posters here…they seem smarter than the average bear. I also appreciate the job the moderators do in filtering out the crap posts.

Any comments?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Sorry, Sealemon88, you can’t be a newbie; you’re listed as a reg on OpalCat’s page. :wink:

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

You are a witty, charming addition, and I very much enjoy your posts.Welcome :slight_smile:

Kelli *

Ya, I know, Gaudere, can ya believe it? It’s amazing what a e mail request can accomplish. I figured I’d get rejected till I at least earned a green belt in here.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.


Thanks, kelli…you’re too kind…it was posters like you that got me off my lurker ass and registered lmao

P.S…my first time hitting “return” and posting a reply too soon…this was supposed to be part of the other message lol

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hello…(going back to my corner now)


I’m pretty new, I lurked for a long time and then worked up the guts to actually post. I now try and post often, but sometimes I get intimidated because there are so many smart, witty and humorous posters out there. You guys are my heroes ;).

Any way, welcome and enjoy!

Hi Seale (& StStella),
I have noticed your posts! So you’re not invisible newbies like myself. I think I will go back to lurking now.

That, and nail down my entire house before the hurricane comes through…sigh

I’m new as well. I’ve been reading the Straight Dope Message Board for six months but recently decided to join in on the fun.


Whew, I’m relieved. From the title, I was expecting a hostile takeover attempt at minimum. :wink:

“It’s bacon!!”

I cannot for the life of me recall how I got here – just a few weeks ago – but it must have been a search engine, probably Dogpile.

I’d been lurking on a couple of other boards but was really turned off – either by the design of the board or the content.

Especially the “news” board on the MSN home page --can brains really rot?

This one’s great – although the wit exhibited in some of the posts can indeed be intimidating.

I’m a relative newbie here. Been reading SD in the Washington City Paper for quite a few years (at least five, but maybe as long as the eight I’ve lived in the DC area).

I bought Unca’s first book last year, then his second, third and fourth in rapid succession. Got the newest one when it was published this year. Discovered the web site this summer and then started on the MB.

Anyway, I’m new here. Be nice to me. :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m pretty new here too. I’ve had my name for a bit, but college cut into my time so that I had little time to post, only lurk. But, with Floyd comin’, they’ve cut me loose. I’ve been catchin up recently. But I promise to be around as much as I can.

I’m also new to the board, but I’ve been online since 1994 (no, not continuously). But here I feel just like a newbie again. (Is that good?)

Anyway, hello, regards and good wishes to all.

Catrandom the Old Newbie

I’ve been reading the SD columns on AOL since '97, and I was there to make the transition. I had one post on the old SDMB, and I’ve been posting here for almost two months now, but no one knows me, yet.

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller