What's this about hazing the newbies?

I’ve been reading SD for years, and discovered this message board not too long ago. Being a heavy poster on other message boards, I grew disenchanted with them because they were overrun with…well, kids. This message board is VERY interesting…there is erudite discussion, a great mix, and an honesty and fearlessness about opinions that I find refreshing and rare, even with the supposed anonomity that the net provides us.

BUT I keep reading posts by newbies where they claim they are being hazed or picked on…one newbie said something like “everytime I post here I feel like a bullseye.”

Everyone seems openminded enough, and definitely intillegent. Is there some indescribable knowledge or one-uppance that comes from having 500, 1000, or 3000 posts? Certainly we were all newbies once…and I for one plan to stay a while. Am I going to get shit on because of my bad timing?

Just wondered what’s up with that.

I mispelled intelligent LOL

Sweetcan, everyone is welcome here. Some post alot, some dont and some come just to act like jackasses. Those are likely the people who will complain.

By the way… Welcome to SD!!

It’s not about being a newbie, it’s purely about some of them being complete assholes (pardon my language) and jumping in the shallow end without ensuring the water is deep enough.

We all were new but there’s a fine line between stupidity (no hope for a cure) and testing the waters.

I made a mistake my first few days here so no one is immune.

Oh and BTW, we don’t bash them all. It’s just the obvious sock puppets and trolls that get hammered.

Hey, everybody! Let’s gang up on the newbie!

Whew, maybe that’ll get them off MY back!

No, seriously, there doesn’t seem to be any formal hazing of newbies. You’ll get burned if you’re an asshole, and there seem to be some who are a little, um, touchy, but most of the people are shockingly tolerant with new folks. Even downright friendly. But they expect you to be friendly and tolerant, too, and will remind you if you are not. You will likely be jokingly flirted with, quite possibly by someone of a gender you would not normally think of for a potential partner. Take it as a compliment, flirt back, have some fun.

Avoid proselytizing. There’s another board for that. Don’t take anything personally. If it wasn’t intended as a joke pretend that it was. Bone up on depressing songs and poetry. And jokes. Don’t make fun of the Canadians. They have it hard enough as it is.

Basically, follow the rules of good manners and you will get along just swell.

Welcome aboard!

dropzone…i can’t think of any gender I wouldn’t flirt with. Online or not :slight_smile:

Heh! I think I love you drop :wink:

If you hang around I think your gonna do just fine, I can sense that in your post. Then again I usually stand up for newbies that get banned… soooo… L

I’ll tell you what, just dont intentionally piss people off just because you know you can (at least until you get to know them) and you’ll be accepted, plus I think we just might see some smart stuff from you. You might just be a “great debater”. Me? I dont set foot in there, Im just a mundain pointless person. Ask anybody! :slight_smile:

sweetcan, most of us don’t look at post counts.

Most of us do look at content.

There have been new posters whom I’ve liked instantly, others have grown on me, and others still who I’m only dimly aware of. Just like in real life.

Then of course, there are the ones who post something stupid, get called on it, and begin to cry “newbie bashing”.

I’ve had disagreements with some posters who I admire, and that’s like real life too. But if you carry a grudge, you won’t make many friends here. Just like in real life.

Oh, and there’s a poster here with a name that can only be described as an oxymoron. His name is Coldfire and he wears shoes made of wood, and is fond of soccer of all things. His parole officer told us to stay away from him.
Did you bring tequila?

I swore off tequila after a particularly hangover in 93. However, I bartended for a few years, so I can make some awesome drinks. Glad to join the party!

Which makes me to the question…how does one get “banned” from this place? I see banned posters can still post…can they just not create new threads, or are their posts automatically moderated?

And…what’s the dress code in this here parts ;)?

Sweetcan, I will give you the explaination that I have often given people new to MU*ing (MUD’s, MUCK’s) and BBS’s. Newbie is not a condition based on how recently you have joined, it is a mental condition based on attitude. Newbies are not concerned with etiquette, they are more concerned with being seen and gathering attention. They don’t bother with trying to learn how to be understood, because others are there to decipher their words for them. Some people are ever newbies, trolls are such, and people who try to fit in through a gang mentality are also. Others are never a newbie, because they think at least a little bit before they speak, much like in life.

When you don’t act like a newbie, you aren’t one, no matter how new you are. This is why Lurking a bit first is often a good idea. Because if you learn from that, you will never be a newbie.

What Wally said.

Now pull my finger…

As far as I know, the banned posters aren’t actually posting. Their previous posts have had “BANNED” inserted where “MEMBER” used to be. Except of course, those posters named BANNED, until they get banned, that is.

Check out About This Message Board for more (and correct) info.

Dress code? What makes you think any of us dress?

When a person gets banned, all their posts remain where they were, except with the word “banned” underneath their name.

Whenever a thread is updated (with a new post), all information about other posters in that thread is also updated. You began this thread with a lower post count than you have now, yet your first post will now say how many posts you have now.

And to add a bit to the OP…

Recently, the SDMB has grown more wary of newbies, mostly because there are a couple of sick people who keep making new names just to bug 'Dopers. There’ve probably been over a dozen of these “troll/sock puppet/newbies” popping up in a single week. The ones who seem to be most vocal about “newbie bashing” have either proven themselves to be sock puppets, or just people who whine way too much.

And Wally’s right… watch out for Coldfire. He’s TROUBLE, I tells ya! Trouble with a capital “P”!

::Batting eyelashes coyly:: Hi sweetcan. Nice to meet you. As long as you’re serving, I’ll have Sex on the Beach. Will you join me? :wink:

I am a Newbie, and have yet to be hazed. THIS IS NOT AN INVITTION GUYS!! :slight_smile: Really, I thought the same thing as sweetcan and I am glad I joined. I guess we will see what itis like in 1000 or so posts :slight_smile:

I guess I’m still considered a newbie (since Shayna just called me one earlier today in another thread!) I’ve never had problems with anyone picking on or hazing me. All the posts seemed courteous and fun and light-hearted. Any insults directed at me were obviously done tongue-in-cheek and not meant to offend. I wonder who the bitchers were, from what I’ve seen on this board so far, it’s likely they brought it on themselves.

BTW, when am I not considered a newbie anymore?

Well I am naked right now, and Wally has on a full tuxedo so it just depends on what you are in the mood for.



I am a newbie and everyone has been really kind to me, as far as I know.

From my observations, the things that get people in trouble here are the same things that would get them in trouble in real life.

I don’t see what is difficult about that, so I have to assume that these banned people were TRYING to get banned. Must be some sort of martyr complex or something.