I mean, I know it's Fox, but....

This was seen on Tuesday’s “Family Guy” (9:30pm showing):

um…what is feltch?

Believe me when I tell you that you’re better off not knowing.

You will buy the ukulele, and touch every place.

Trout Mask Replica is right - you really don’t want to know.

If you REALLY must know, do a search on “felch” in the message board search engine above in MPSIMS.

And remember we warned you.

me no see search area…

just spill it

Oh Puhleeezze, DON’T use the word ‘spill’ in relation to felching!! Yuck! :eek:

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i’m confuzzled…

BWA HA HA! That’s is freakin’ HILARIOUS!

(And FWIW, finding out what felching is wasn’t the big whoop-de-do gross out I was expecting, but then again, few things shock me. So I’m not sharing–look it up. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Well, dangit, it should be “that is” or just “that’s.” I hate redundancy errors.

And while I’m at it, it should be :stuck_out_tongue: not :P. Dammit. (Well, at least I’m padding post count…)

what the hell is it?

Oh man, that’s great!
I nearly snarked my Dr. Pepper out my nose. I hope you’re happy.

As far as what felch means, no one is going to tell you here…
It is too bloody disgusting to post.

But hey, check, this out!
There is a Felch home page!

This is really funny, if you are in on the joke…
the Felch home page
I don’t know what I would do if my last name was Felch. That would (pun intended) SUCK.

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This show is hysterical, this is one of the few shows I laugh out loud at. Did you see last week’s episode with Norm McDonald? Necrophilia on a prime time sitcom, gotta love it.

Ogrefade, just because I like your screen name I’m gonna do one favor for you. Of course, after you read this, you won’t think it’s much of a favor. Felching was discussed in detail on this board right here.

If you want to perform a search of this message board, look up at the top of this page and just below the “New Topic” and “Reply” buttons you’ll see a hyperlink called “Search”. Just click that and it will take you to the search page.

If you want to ssearch Cecil’s columns, there is a search function availble from the archive page.

Enjoy and don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Felching is first completing the act of anal sex without the use of a condom, then the “giver” uses a straw to slurp the. . . ummmm. . . . deposit from the “givees” butt. The person with the straw and a mouthful of. . . . deposit, then tongue kisses the other person sharing the - deposit/poop/slobber.

Sorry - I warned you it was sick.

Just to be perfectly clear, I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER done this, nor do I want to.

I have my limits.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

Forget the link, here is what you want to know. Cut & Pasted from the other thread.

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Why thank you, Enright3, for giving us all the wonderful delight of a horizontal scrollbar!!


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Ok…now I know what Feltching is…but I thought it was called “Milkshaking”! Seriously! I heard the term in my adolescent High School days…

So, anyone know what a “Dirty Sanchez” is? :smiley:

Ahhh Coldfire, 'ol buddy 'ol pal,

I was going to at least give the courtesy of an apology, but then I thought “what the hell, everybody claims they know it is already, so they won’t be bothered by it”.

Thank you for responding, I would expect nothing less from you on keeping me on my toes.

Um, moderator? If this is something you can fix by putting in a little carriage return, I’d appreciate it.

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Okay, Rick, now I’m curious…


…Eric (“Garth”) told us about the “Dirty Sanchez”. So now we call him Dirty Sanchez. It’s just too funny…are you SURE you want to know?!


I recently got an email that describes 22 ‘fun’ sexual acts, including felching, ‘the dirty sanchez’ , not to mention such gems as ‘the Cleveland Steamer’, ‘The Chili Dog’, and the oddly amusing ‘Flying Squirrel’.

Good god, I feel dirty. I think’ll I go home and take a shower at this point.

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