I miss my girl

I’ve been lurking on the SDMB for around 5 years on and off and was actually a member before it went pay, when I kinda flaked out on the membership. I wish I hadn’t and got the discount. Oh well. Despite that, I know that the SDMB is among the best internet communities out there in terms of intelligence and compassion so I thought I’d share my thoughts and feelings, just for the sake of it. (Hey, what’s the MPSIMS for if not aimless rambling?)

Right now I’m in a relationship with someone from college and I hope our young age doesn’t compromise the credibility of our commitment to each other. Though it may be somewhat premature (we’ve been together 6 months-ish), we’ve talked about marriage and whatnot. But I’m very well aware that committed relationships fall apart sometimes but I don’t foresee that for us anytime soon.
Well anyway, it’s the summer break and I have to be here in Ottawa with my family because this is where my father (a diplomat) is working right now. She’s in Pennsylvania right now (where we go to school and her hometown is) and it’s been over 2 months since I’ve last seen in her person. Since Ottawa isn’t too far from PA, I would’ve visited her by now except some issues with my student visa prevents me from doing so. But I’m really looking forward August when we’ll finally get to see each other again.
It’s been a long and lonely summer break, especially since my family moved here when I started going to college so I don’t really have a history/friends in Ottawa. But I talk to her online often and we get to see each other webcam which is making this time apart a lot more bearable.

But what worries me more than anything is that being a male Korean citizen I have to serve in the Korean army for 2 years-ish. Before I met her I had mostly accepted my fate and although it’s a waste of 2 years for which I get paid next to nothing. In fact what they pay is an insult more than anything (5~20 bucks per month). But now that I have somebody that I care about I don’t want to be apart from her so long and I don’t think it’s fair that she has to go through that just because of her bad luck in choosing boyfriends. I mean 3 months is hard enough but 2 years? But I still have a couple of years to go before I have to serve but it still worries me time to time. It’s bad enough that she has to put up with my insecure BS and jealousy sometimes (which she has the patience to endure, thank God) but that waiting is something I really don’t want to put her through.

Well I think I’m done rambling. Thanks for reading.

What kind of time frame do you have for completing your service? Are there any arrangements for married people (not trying to pressure you, or anything) or for engaged couples?

Just curious. I have little to no insight on the majority of topics, but love and relationships finds me with negative attributes.

I don’t have much in the way of advice on your love life, but you need to email a mod or admin about your previous screenname or risk the wrath of the ban stick.

I will say that if she wants to stick around while you’re in the army, she will. Don’t break off a relationship that’s working because of something that might happen, maybe, down the road.

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