I missed a lot of Third Watch - Why did the blonde policewoman & her hubby break up?

Just curious. I know she had an abortion without telling him a while ago. Was that it?

No, he knew about the abortion a long time ago. They broke up because he got pissed that she wanted to keep working with Bosco (meaning she wasn’t home much) and found a new girlfriend.

he found someone else. moved the kids out lock, stock, and barrel; faith came home to a cleaned out apt. and served divorce papers on faith at the station house.

there was a scene of faith and what’s his name at a rest. where she wanted to try and work things out and he told her that he had found someone else.

It wasn’t a romance with Bosco, nor the abortion.

Two seasons ago, Sgt. Cruz and Faith faced off in a shootout and Cruz shot Faith. The bullet lodged against Faith’s spine and for most of the season, she was in a wheelchair, unable to work and not terribly inclined toward recuperation. (This was actually done to hide the actress’s real life pregnancy, btw.)

Bosco came and reminded Faith that she was a cop and had always wanted nothing more than to be a cop, and even though it was partially his fault that she was shot (he got her into the situation which led to the shootout, and Fred already had massive jealousy issues, but now felt that he had concrete reason to hate Bosco) she listened, and was reminded. Faith started doing rehab, then she and Fred went away for a while (when the actresss was on maternity leave) so that she could fully recover. She came back and went back to work, Fred got progressively angry that she was back on the force.

Throughout last season, there were more hijinks with Bosco, mainly thanks to his brother’s involvement in a drug ring run by Gene Simmons from Kiss. Fred’s patience with Faith wore out, and he took the kids and walked out, because Faith was putting in so many hours trying to bring this drug ring situation down. Eventually, Bosco’s brother was killed, a bunch of cops were killed and then, a car crashed into the funeral home where Bosco’s brother was laid out. Bosco’s mother was gravely injured. All the cops from the 5-5 went to the hospital and the drug kingpin sent a bunch of guys to the hospital to shoot the place up. Bosco was gravely injured. In the aftermath, Faith murdered the drug kingpin because he killed (she thought, turned out he’s alive) Bosco.

Is a romance between Faith and Bosco in the making? Could be. But thus far, it hasn’t happened, even though they’ve both put their skin on the line for one another. Fred is gone because Faith is more wed to her job than she was to him, and always was, and he’s apparently found a woman who isn’t consumed by a need for justice.

The short version is that her husband is an ass. She stuck by him when he was an out of work alcoholic. She then throws herself into her job, so he undermines her with their kids, and finds himself an even stupider woman.

Exactly my take on it, too.

Faith’s character (and Molly Price’s total hotness) has always been what keeps me attending to Third Watch, and Fred has been driving me nuts for a couple of years. It’s like his entire purpose is to make Faith suffer, the bum.

She gave him so many chances to get his shit together, for the sake of the kids, and out of an idealistic attachment to the idea of their marriage. She’s totally acknowledged that she has room to improve as a wife and mother, and has readily shown commitment to making more room for her family. Fred’s not about to give her a chance, though, and totally ignores every effort she’s made. I think it’s more about his self-esteem than any of Faith’s failings. A new woman who doesn’t have a picture of him brought low, and who doesn’t make him look weak by contrast. Now he has a chance to be the strong guy, making a stand against Something Bad. Never mind that Something Bad is the best thing that ever happened to him. Feck.

All of their marital problems have been about character. Faith has stood by him in spite of his weak character, and Fred uses her strong character as an excuse to ditch the marriage as soon as it suited him.

At least Emily recognizes all the effort that she’s made, and is going to stand by her – especially after all the drama between them. That’s got to go a long way towards restoring Yokas’ spirits. If Emily is validating her…

To hell with Fred. I hope he has a total meltdown and blows everything. The faithless bastard deserves to be Faithless. I hope the rest of it turns to shit for him, too. Grrr.

Eesh. On preview I feel like a daytime TV enthusiast. I can’t believe Luke treated Laura that way! Scandalous! Tsk tsk tsk! :smiley:

I’m glad that Emily gets it (I think she more or less has since the bank hold up but has kept it to herself) and has chosen to stay with her mom, but won’t Fred get to keep Charlie, especially after Faith had to leave court to be question by internal affairs? I don’t want him to screw up too badly if he’s got the younger kid :frowning:

Yeah, I was hoping for something spectacular before the whole custody thing is settled.

Faint hope, I know. Maybe Carlos getting dispatched to a scene and finding Fred out of control from huffing gas, and the new girlfriend strangled with her own socks. Something nice like that.

After this season’s intense and gripping opener, I wouldn’t put something like this past the writers. :stuck_out_tongue: I really really wish I’d taped the opener now. It’s bound to rerun though

There was another episode from last season, from a story arc with Henry Winkler and Kate Jackson* where Faith and Fred were supposed to have a nice family dinner, but Faith ended up staying in the hospital for hours with a young girl who had been abused, just sitting at her bedside, and missing their dinner and family time. She later learned the girl had been kidnapped as an infant, and spent hours poring over kidnapping records to find her real parents, rather than going home. There was a shot of Fred at home, with the dinner getting cold on the table.

I say she’s better off without the bum. At the TWoP boards, most of the posters are just dying for Faith and Bosco to get together, but the thought of that is just beyond weird to me. If TPTB hook them up, I’d quit watching.

  • It was a little odd watching those two play a married couple. I kept thinking, “Fonzie and Sabrina got married?” :smiley: