I missed my Jeopardy test, can I take it at another time?

This can be a GQ question to be honest, but it’s about Jeopardy so I’m sticking it here.

I signed up to take the 8 Eastern test yesterday, but I missed it because of life and a godawful memory. IIRC I think I can take one of the other two tests and it doesn’t matter, but I can’t fully remember.

So can I take tonight’s test and just pretend I wanted to do that all along?

I think it’s different than before, because I’m pretty sure it used to be that you would just sign up to take the test, and then sign in on whatever day you wanted to. But this year it changed to be that you sign up to take the test and choose which day when you sign up. It might confuse their system if you sign up for one day and take it another, I’m not sure.

Sign in to your jeopardy.com dashboard then click on the “online tests” tab. See if you can still edit your “sign up status” to change the test date. I was originally signed up to take yesterday’s test but changed it to tonight’s test a few hours before last night’s started. I don’t know if it’s possible to sign up for another test after the one you were originally signed up for has been given.