I must use this power for good, not evil...

A little while ago, I’m in my cube, working along, when a coworker comes over.

CW: Hey, we’ve got these files due tomorrow that the customer is anxious about. Can you get them out today?
Me: :dubious: Pay me $20 and I will.
CW: Okay.
Me: …Er, I was joking. Of course I’ll do them.
CW: No, it’s cool, I’ll buy you lunch.
Me: You really don’t have to! :eek:
CW: Okay. Well, let me get you the information.

Five minutes later, she returns with the info and a $20 bill and an instruction to get her something for lunch too. :smack:

You’d think with that kind of power of suggestion, I’d get more dates.

And no, it’s not a hint. She’s happily married.

It certainly beats her ratting you out to the boss for being uncooperative. Next time try for $50 or $100, see if it works.

Ask to see her boobs.

If only more women were turned on by file-retrieving abilities.

And post pix!

Now she knows you can be bought. Wait until the next time it’s pouring rain and she wants her car delivered to the front door. Or maybe she will ask you to pick up her dry cleaning. Who knows, she might even try to buy sexual favors and how will you feel then? Cheap and tawdry, I’ll bet. She would have respected you more if you had simply replied, “Get the damn files for yourself.”

That reminds me of the “Russian Scam” that Darren Brown pulled on one of his TV specials awhile back.

You can view it here.

For those who can’t view it:

Darren Brown, (The guy in the sport coat on the left) makes like he is asking for directions to the guy on the right in the green shirt. In the course of asking for directions, he asks the guy for his watch, his cell phone, and his wallet, which he gives to him. Then they part ways and the green shirt guy realizes what’s just happened, so he finds Darren and gets his stuff back, only to have him do it to him again.

Wait, so your superpower was getting to let you do her work AND pick up her lunch?

No respect, I tells ya…

She’s totally into you the way she played along.

Definately ask for a boob shot next time.