I nail the help desk punk.

Boardmaker, one of those apps whose authors think it’s the only thing on your PC and all your users are Win XP Admins.

I have to do an install of the darn thing today, and I’ve forgotten the fix the Nice Lady on the help desk gave me a couple of years ago.

The guy I get gives me the patch that lets you run it without the CD, their copyright protection. That doesn’t fix the problem, which is XP running the app with a limited user, but if I were into stealing software my day would be made. I ask him to repeat a number and he accuses me of interrupting.
Well, screw it, I need the fix. I can put up with the little snot for another hour or so, which is what it looks like it will take. He emails a registration number to me.
Then an 11 Meg upgrade.
I run the upgrade and it asks for the registration number. I ask him for the number.
He tells me it’s in the first email he sent.
I read him the email:
“Dear Mandy,
The board has a new format, and I think it’s easier to use. There are also more fourms…”

“Oh”, he giggles. “Now you know what I do.”
If I were nasty, or even just in a bad mood, I’d forward this to the corporate guys.
Maybe I’ll keep it around and ask Mandy’s pal for occasional contributions to the Carnivorousplant retirement fund. :slight_smile:

Oh, you mean that sort of nail.

Then nevermind, I got nothin’. :slight_smile:

No way. Aside from being a Dude, he sounded like John Karr. They are playing the tape on CNN as I type. I can’t nail nothin’ for a couple of weeks.

doesn’t get it…

And I certainly don’t blame you.
Maybe you had to be there.

I’m assuming you’re not Mandy, and he accidentally forwarded you someone else’s message, which outed him as running a forum from the work servers?

Or am I totally off-track here?

Ahah. feels enlightened :slight_smile:

The questions is, are any Dopers named Mandy? :slight_smile:

What kind of message board was it?

I dunno, but I have his email address, we could ask. :slight_smile: