I need a drink!

I am looking for Faygo Diet Chocolate Creme Pie soda. I was going to order it from Faygo’s own Pop Shoppe because it was only $10 for a case of 20 ounce bottles until I got to their checkout:

1 case-$10
Shipping and handling-$36.42
Total price-$46.42
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

Thanks, but no thanks, Pop Shoppe! Can any of you get it to me cheaper and/or faster?

See how the shipping charges are on this site:


They require free registration to check out which is why I didn’t check the shipping.

I miss Canfield’s Diet Chocolate and Diet Chocolate Cherry sodas.

They don’t deliver to my zip code.

It might help if you revealed the general location of The Lazurus Pit.

Here’s the diet Chocolate Fudge:


They don’t have Faygo soda, but they have a product request form:


Portland, Oregon.

Since you have a connection with a trucking company, any chance you could convince them to truck some back to you from Michigan?

We do west coast only, unfortunately.

There is a little store by my work (PCC on Killingsworth) that sells Faygo pop. I am ADDICTED to Redpop from growing up near Pittsburgh. This place stocks tons of different flavors in the fridge, and usually has 12 packs of random flavors. (it’s hit or miss as to which ones.)

I’m off today, but will check on Monday if they have that flavor and let you know. If you’re in the area… I have no idea what the name of the store is; it’s west of PCC by a few blocks on the north side of the street. Last I noticed, it had a banner with Faygo $0.99 hanging outside, which is how I noticed it in the first place.

I used to blow the money on shipping from Faygo because I love it so much! A couple years ago this store started carrying it, and it’s the only one I’m aware of in the area although I’m sure there have to be more. I was beyond thrilled to find my childhood bobo-brand soda out here.

I’ll let you know what I find. If not - I have lots of friends in Faygo soda territory and will see if we can set up a mass export.

Interesting combination of thread title and user name.

Assuming you’re still interested, I did some looking and found 2 places mentioned in Portland, Oregon.

Also, if you have the stomach for it (and I don’t), check anything related to Insane Clown Posse. Yes, I’m serious. Their followers, known for some bizarre reason as Juggalos, are even more bizarrely infatuated with Faygo sodas. Again, yes, I’m serious. If anybody would know, it would be them. You’ll just have to suffer through the illiteracy and utterly violent language to find anything. And good luck to you.

In the meantime, I’ll crack open a bottle for you. I can get them for .99 a pop at the local Sheetz. God only knows how much it would cost to get a case and mail it. I suppose I could check into that for you next week, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful if I were you.