I need a favourite comic book hero.

ok, can anyone recommend me a good comic book hero?
i dont wan X-Men, or Superman, or batman.

Just tell me some and what there powers are and so forth.

thanks in advance.



No powers (except the occassional psychic episode), but lots of big guns and the coolest watch-lizard in creation.

Otto<----still misses Bob (neeeeeeed ciiiiiiiiiigs)

Preacher! (Jesse Custer) Basically, whatever he tells you to do, you do it.

Or else Morpheus aka Dream aka Sandman, he’s the Lord of Dreams.

The Reverend Jesse Custer, from the excellent Preacher series by Vertigo (which is owned by DC). He’s only got the one superpower, which is that people must obey his commands. But he’s the toughest hombre ever to come out of South Texas. He’s got one mission: to track down God and give him the ass kicking he so richly deserves. His side kicks include an alcoholic Irish vampire and a girlfriend that makes La Femme Nikita look like Pippy Longstockings.

Choice #2: Spider Jerusalem. From Transmetropolitan, Spider is a columnist in a cyberpunk future, exposing the dirty little secrets of The City with little more than a laptop, a suitcase full of narcotics, and a home-made bowel disruptor.

Ha! Beat you to it, Miller. sticks out tongue

Dream’s better than Spider Jerusalem.

What the heck, here’s another one. A new one. Revolver from Last Shot (I have issues 1 and 2). He’s a bounty hunter with guns built into his hands.

I’m going to vote against Jesse Custer, on the basis that he’s not really a superhero. Likewise for Spider Jerusalem. Mind you, I love both comics…because they’re my non-superhero comics (well, also Hellblazer and 100 Bullets).

I’d say Hitman, but he is a hitman…

So I’m going to vote for Deadman. He’s cool. He’s dead. He wears a red jumpsuit. He can possess your body. And he’s a pretty friendly guy.

Zippy the Pinhead

“You can’t hurt me! I just entered the Twilight Zone!”

“I’m demographically correct.”

“Virtual reality isn’t what it used to be.”

“I’m protected by the power of stain-resistant Scotchguard!”
“Make my modem.”

“I can silence Joan Rivers with a single slice of Kraft cheese.”

“Consciousness is vastly overrated.”

“If you can’t say something nice, say something surrealistc.”

“Frivolity is a stern taskmaster.”


Myrr, RAW didn’t ask for superheroes, but for comic book heroes. So both Jesse and Spider qualify, as they’re both heroes of comic books.

Why, yes, I am hanging around this thread watching out for new books to try. Why do you ask? :cool:

Ok, fair enough. I misread (possibly my mind making a leap from the examples he gave).

Also, I’ll throw in Zot! for kicks. He’s…umm…pretty hero-like in a buncha ways.

You are all dead wrong. The greatest comic book super-hero is.
The Tick!
He’s 7 feet, 400 lbs. of mighty blue justice! He’s nigh-invunerable! He is the sworn protector of The City!

He is simply, The Tick.

Buck Godot, zap gun for hire! Drawn by the inestimable Phil Foglio, semi-pro pornographer extraordinaire!

Deadman? The ex-circus-acrobat who was Boston Brand, and had a brother named Cleveland? That Deadman?

Wow! I thought I was the only one who remembered him! I remember reading him back in the 1960s; is he back?

Anyway. I’d also put in a vote for Morpheus, but if I had to put in somebody different, I’d mention Death. Far from being the skeleton with a scythe, she (yes, Death is a girl) is young, friendly, fun to be with, and she likes to laugh. When it comes time to find out what lies beyond, she’s there to escort you and make it at least not as bad as its made out to be. And you should see her floppy hat collection.

Another one: Jon Sable. No superpowers, just plenty of well-thought-out kick-butt action. Mercenaries, international spies, hoods-for-hire, Sable takes them all on. And when he’s not putting the baddies in their place, he’s writing children’s books and wondering whether he should date his illustrator. A hero, but an entirely human one, I think Jon Sable deserves some consideration.

There was a Deadman miniseries a month or so ago; a new regular series arrives soon.

I recommend Batgirl (she’s a nearly mute orphan teenager who’s working for Batman, but he doesn’t show up in the comic very much.) She doesn’t have any “super” powers, but she can read body langugage as well as we can read english.

Also, Harley Quinn. Not a superhero; she’s definitely one of the bad guys, but she doesn’t realize it. A great comic.


May I suggest Too Much Coffee Man? He has the power to consume superhuman amounts of cofee.

My personal favorite is Dishman – he can clean dishes telekinetically.


I have yelled Spoon! from the top of the Empire State Building, Time Square and yes, in Carnagie Hall.

Unfortunatly, I live too far away from any comic shops to actually pick up what’s out there now, though I have a list of about a dozen I want to read.

Good heroes … hmmmm … I know! Thanos!! The guy wiped out half the universe for the girl of his dreams, Death!!! Not the same Death, but Death just the same. Ho ho ho!! That’s love, baby! He also saves reality from certain doom at the hands of Adam Warlock’s good and bad personalities when they split on him.

Course, not everyone really thinks of Thanos as a hero anyways …

You need AMBUSH BUG!
He’s got ANTENNAE!

Usagi Yojimbo–Samurai Rabbit.

"Nuff said.

Ambush Bug Rulz!