I need a new computer and Cyber Monday is coming up.

Where can I likely find a good deal on a respectable new PC?

Online, NewEgg is an obvious choice. Although if you have a Microcenter near you, I’d start there.

Costco has a bunch on sale now as well.

In my experience (x2), the black friday cheapo computers are great for what they are- cheap computers. But they don’t stand the test of time, unfortunately. I recommend getting a NewEgg computer that is already a good machine and discounted a bit.

Dell has early black Friday deals

I’m thinking about the laptop for $369.

Staples has a few good deals, and it’s not just a Black Friday thing for many of the deals.

That is, of course, a big part of the question: What sort of computer are you looking for and why?

It’ll be a work computer, which doesn’t require much. The majority of it’s effort will be allowing me to surf the web, but it’d be nice if it had some muscle for some thing like Civ VI, but if it doesn’t it’s not a deal breaker.

Thanks guys and gals, I’ll look into your suggestions.

This might not be any help to you, but I thought I’d share my POV.

I’m an old fogey. I stopped buying new cars and new computers many years ago. I buy maybe four or five laptops and desktops a year and I now buy all of them from refurbishers. It may take a little extra research to identify a good refurbisher and the model you want, but the savings are very significant. I often find laptops for 40% of what a comparable new unit would cost. In many cases, they are clearly unused units or open-box units with no wear. Warranties vary, but I have only had one or two problems and they were handled very quickly.

Around Christmas time, my wife and my friends are always asking me what type of laptop to get for so-and-so. They are looking at spending $600 to $1000. I can usually find something as good or better for less than $400. It’s often just the previous model, but completely untouched.

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