I need a new iPhone - I seek guidance

My old iPhone is slowly dying of strangulation. It’s a 5S or something like that, with low memory. It can’t handle new apps and my photo library.

So what kind of new iPhone do you Smart Dopers recommend?

My main uses are texting, photos and some apps . No gaming, though the Cub occasionally downloads games on to it.

I like a phone that physically fits in my front trouser pocket.

Thought? Suggestions? Words of wisdom?

(And, if you love your Samsung / Huwei / Android / steampunk phones, I’m very happy for you, but not interested. Clan Piper is firmly ensconced in the Apple-verse, thankewverymuch, so please don’t waste time posting about your gadget. I just want to hear about Apples.)

Uh, oh… I have bad news.

The 5s is a 4 inch screen - same as the SE which was introduced when the larger 4.7 inch iPhone 6 was released. The 6 (and newer 7 and 8) are more than a half inch longer and a third of an inch wider).

The current ‘small’ iPhone XS (5.8 inch screen) is over an inch longer and a half inch wider than the 5s/SE.

You can still buy new iPhone 7 & 8 but the SE was discontinued a year ago. The same may happen to the 7 or 8 in September.

Compare sizes here: iPhone - Compare Models - Apple

Checking for refurbs (my favorites and good as new) can get you a deal on an older phone but they come and go quickly.

You may already know that new iPhone models will be introduced, I think in exactly two weeks. So if you wait until after that, you could either get the latest and greatest (at great expense) or wait a little while longer and get slightly older models on the used marketplace, as others choose to upgrade.

I love my 6s-plus, although it’s more of a back-pocket device due to size. Looking forward to seeing the new releases even though I am currently happy.

I have a 6s. It’s bigger than the SE but not that much bigger, and it’s the last model to have an actual 3.5mm jack, if that matters to you. They don’t make them new anymore of course, but there are still some out there to be had, for cheap. I’ve not yet encountered anything that it can’t run, but I don’t do much more on it than the OP.

If I buy a refurbished phone, how do I port my number and transfer contents? I’m a total know nothing about this.

If you buy it from a store, they will do that for you.

Your back pocket is larger than your front pocket?

Well, more easily accessible. I wear jeans. My phone slides in and out of a back pocket more easily than a front pocket.

Not an Apple refurb, but Woot is Amazon, so I have had no problems returning if a problem pops up.

iPhone 7 128 for $240 - until they sell out.


As long as you get an ‘unlocked’ phone, you generally just restore from a backup & swap the SIM card from old to new.

Have done this with ATT & TMobile. Once from Verizon to ATT and I had to call Verizon.

Hmmm, that’s a great deal.

Did not know that, thanks! Will limp along with this one until then.

Thanks to all for comments

It’s not impossible that the new phones announced will include an SE-sized device in a few weeks. Nothing definitive yet, but the SE was rather popular in a certain segment.