I need a paper towel to wipe up the drool...

I want one of these…

The BMW Z4 Coupe Concept

Photo One

Photo Two

(more photos available from the first link)

They call it a concept, but there will be few (if any) aesthetic changes on the production car.

It reminds me a bit of the old 280z’s

BMW’s latest styling paradigm just doesn’t agree with me I’m afraid. I can only hope all the Z4 coupes are purchased on the east coast so I don’t have to see them, and your pleasure is all the more increased.

Photo one sorta looks like a penis, just sayin’ :slight_smile:

(And this is coming from a Z-3 driver. Z3 = car that looks like a shoe)

Well, the back it not too bad, but the rest of the car looks like it was beat by an ugly stick.

The designers at BMW need to lose their crayon priviledges with the latest line of cars looking like they do. They look like they’ve been cobled together by a bunch of gibbons with welding equipment.

Ugh. The Z3 coupe was ugly as all hell, and the Z4 continues the tradition.

And Z3’s do NOT look like a shoe! Gah!

runs home to cuddle her Z3

Yar! That slash across the front quarter panel makes it look like it took a cutlass across the face.

No, I take that back. The peculiar angles of the lines formed by the body panels sort of makes it look like it was sewn together, Frankenstein-style.