BMW fans - what do you think of the new Z4 coupe?


Well? I think it’s kinda hideous. BMW has really taken some chances with their redesigns recently. There’s just too much going on here with the sculpted sides and the bulbous rear end. It’s almost as bad as the Z3 coupe.

Given the price range, I’d rather have a Posrche Cayman.

I don’t know. I’d have to see one in person, but I don’t think it’s that bad. My wife and I were looking at roadsters this summer and we liked the Z4, though we ended up leaning towards the Lotus Elise (before we had a baby on the way, that is. Roadster’s on hold now). I think I’d still prefer that over the coupe.

I don’t dig the front end too much and the back end is too small.

I agree with you on the Z3. That thing is really fugly. That is sad because I always loved the Z3 roadsters. Now, the Z4 isn’t that terrible on its own but it looks like a Porsche hopped the car lot fence and gave a 3 series one up the tailpipe. I like BMW’s. I don’t like Porshe styling so that is bad.

I have mixed feelings out the new 3 Series too. I had an older model and my has one now and the more rounded shape is going to take some getting used to. At least you can see the lineage.

I think it looks really cool, sort of like a muscular Opel. If I like the style, it’s probably not that good.

I think the Z4 looks okay. That Z3 on the other hand. I thought my eyes were going to melt when I looked at it. It’s… bad to say the least.

But overall, I haven’t been too impressed with their model redesigns. Considering how badly I want an M3, this scares me, because I’m afraid of what its redesign is going to look like when it comes along.


I agree. I loooooove my Z3 Roadster. You couldn’t get me to drive a Z3 Coupe if you paid me.

The Z4 Coupe is slightly better than the Z3 Coupe, but still ugly.

And I, too, have not been at all impressed with the model redesigns. My Z3 is heads and tails prettier than the Z4 Roadster, IMO. They left out all the lovely curves that made the Z3 so beautiful.

A freaking men. I also have a Z3 Roadster that I adore. The Z4 didn’t impress me one bit, looks rather boxy and what is up with the rear end on that thing?

The Z3’s are sexy curvy in all the right places. A classic.

In my opinion, any roadster or two seat original, is going to look like crap as a “coupe”. Stretching them out to add more room just looks goofy. Buy a sedan if you need more seating.

Consider me in agreement with everyone else. I’m a veritable BMW fanboy and have for years achingly pined for a M3 Coupe. However I’ve really disliked the redesigns across the board. They seem to be drifting closer to traditional Lexus styling which to me is the worst possible thing in the world. BMW is taking the “sports” out of the sports sedan.

Another thing that annoys me is the M Coupe and M3 Coupe designations, 90% of people are idiots and you can’t explain the difference. They hear “M3” and assume you’re referring to the M Coupe (which is what the Z3 Coupe posted above is actually called).

However there is hope HERE