I need a pun for this picture

Sorry I dont have the picture available,but it’s real simple,my one year old niece is sitting in a laundry basket. Caption?

If you could have just one wash, what would it be?

Don’t just sit there, come hang out with me!

I’m one happy hamper–err, camper!

oof, that’s all I got tonight.

One load is all it takes…


I just hope it’s a good picture. I’d hate to see her looking all washed out.

Girls were born to do the laundry.

In an effort to find the appropriate pun, I sent 10 puns out to make people laugh. Sadly, no pun in ten did.

Basket case.

Please don’t mix me with the coloreds. :eek:

Hand wash only.

Got any dirty laundry?

Tumble dry? I don’t think so.

Where am I going?

And why am in this basket?

Okay, okay, I’ll take a bath!

Why no, I’m not pooping in here!

Does this bus stop at Hackensack?

One year old and already a basket case.

…and now that I’ve aired our dirty laundry, next is a rattling of the skeletons in the closet…

Are you Crazy?!?! Get her out of there! Don’t you know she’s dry clean only!

A little long, you can drop the second sentence.

I’m giving the laundry that baby fresh scent.

I’m just testing if your towels are as smooth as my bottom.

When I said “wash my smalls…”

One handbasket, to go.