I need a scapegoat!

Not for anything specific- I need a general, all-purpose scapegoat to blame when anything goes awry, from computer crashes to the supermarket not having the fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice that I like. The freemasons fit the bill quite nicely for a while but I can’t blame everything on them. Rejected canidates include:

-The Illuminati (too common)
-The jew run media (too white separatist)
-Regis Philbin (don’t want to invoke his name, period)
-The NRA (too Clintonesque)

Can anyone help?

cue music
Blame Canada!


“blame it on the rain…”

(thanks to Milli Vanilli):rolleyes"

whoops. darn smileys…I’m going to start blaming THEM! :slight_smile:

You could always “Blame it on Rio” what ever happened to Phoebe Cates anyways?

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

I blame it on … bad Mojo!

Living in wedded bliss with Kevin Kline, and retired from acting to be a full-time mom.

  • Rick

I was wondering if Trey and Matt really would blame Canada if they didn’t get the Academy award.

Well, I had nothing to do with it. I was visiting a sick friend at the time.

You can put the blame on Mame, if you’d like.


Blame me, everyone else does.

I’m sure that if I said “oh yeah, it’s that Crystalguy’s fault” my coworkers would interpret that as “drugs”. Not “Crystalguy=drugs”, but “Mojo is on drugs”.

See the sig!

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

Is that a completely bad thing?

Blame it on the Bossa Nova. :wink:

You should tell the truth, expose the lies and live in the moment."-Bill Hicks
“You should tell the lies, live the truth and expose yourself.” - Bill Clinton

Sorry hon… I just have mules or I would loan you one.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

I always blame things on my other personality. He’s a real klutz.
– Sylence

“Excuse me, are you reading Torah and eating crayons?”

Dunno, but she wasn’t in that. That was Demi Moore and who-the-hell-was-Michelle Johnson.

“His eyes are as green as a fresh-pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard,
I wish he was mine, he’s really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.”

Blame the devil.
He’s the cause of all things bad and evil and stuff like that in this world.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”



Those damn voices in my (in your case ‘your’) head.

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