I need an e-mail server that I can use with Outlook 2003

Alas, my outgoing e-mail for the university has stopped working again, stupid thing. We use a combination of SMTP/IMAP servers, and the IMAP part is working fine. Really, all that I need is a way to send outgoing mail. I figure I’ll just change the return address to my incoming current mail address. I want to avoid something web-based, because I already have a webmail client that works just fine, I just want to have the convenience of being able to use Outlook for my outgoing mail. Also, I would like to avoid paying. Of course. That is all.

So, Dopers, suggestions?

Many webmail services can be accessed through Outlook or Outlook Express, if you prefer that method. If you have Hotmail, for example, you can configure OE using these instructions.

Huh? :confused:

Why doesn’t your tech support fix your outgoing email service, then? This sounds very strange, if you’re actually on the university’s network.

If you’re doing something else, you’ll need to describe it in more detail, I think.

Well, I’ve had problems off and on again in the past, so I just figured that I would go for a new outgoing e-mail server. Here’s the actual problem:

I get this back in another inbox. I think it is reaching the server, but the server is rejecting it. The thing is that I can send e-mails to other people on the server, just not outside of it.

Well, I’m not an expert at SMTP, although I have written simple applications to use it. I’d say, as a guess, that your problem is related to some sort of security settings on your university gateway – possibly a firewall issue.

Anyway, another guess is, you cannot access any SMTP servers outside your firewall.

So you really don’ t have a choice if you’re trying to send e-mail from the uni. You have to contact your IT support folks and get them to fix the problem, or you have to use your webmail service to send mail.

(If the issue is, you want a copy in your Outlook archives, you can use webmail and bcc yourself - your uni address - and it will end up in Outlook.)

Am I missing anything?