Outlook 2010

I just got a new server and for some reason I can’t get Outlook 2010 to send or receive emails. I can get anything else I want. I only want Outlook for my emails. Up until yesterday when my new service started I was able to Get into the sight by just clicking the Outlook Icon, I can get to the sight, but can’t send or receive emails and wonder if one of the dopers could give me the information I need.

My new server is by Ethernet not land line although It comes from a split in my phone line and icon use the internet and phone at the same time.

Thanks ahead of time.

This post is very difficult to understand.

*I just got a new server *

Do you mean ISP? Did you get new Internet service?
My new server is by Ethernet not land line*

Ethernet means you have a network that is accessed by plugging an Ethernet cable into your computer. It has nothing to do with landline, which mean a terrestial phone line instead of a cellular phone.
although It comes from a split in my phone line and icon use the internet and phone at the same time.*

No idea what this means.

If you have a new service provider, then you must change the configuration of Outlook to use the new provider’s SMTP and POP servers. What type of service did you have before, when it was working, and what type of service do you have now?

If by new server he means “new ISP”, then that would indicate he has a DSL internet connection. (DSL travels along the phoneline, is split-off in a modem and ethernet run to the computer.)

… that’s the only help I can offer here.

You could tell us what your new ISP/server is so we could at least look up their help files or documentation.

Yeah. I read this as “I used to have a dial-up connection, and now have DSL.”

I’m not sure about the actual problem, though. It could be the DSL modem has a firewall built in and isn’t forwarding some ports, I guess. Something like that. I’m not too familiar with how Outlook works under the covers.

Thanks for your replies; I have the problem solved, I did mean ISP

Good to hear. How did you solve it? I’m always looking to learn a new trick…

Seems to be more of a server issue and not an Outlook issue.

Also create a new outlook profile and input the server mail settings there as well.

This should be documented if someone else setup the server for you.
Call the person to made it for you.

Looks like his Outlook POP3 mail server needed changing after changing the ISP.

The OP must have also got a new DSL/Fibre modem with the ISP change.