I need an early night.

I have a sore throat that’s still here a month after I came back to Australia from visiting relatives. It’s all my fault because I spend way too much time on the Internet, so much that I stay up all night.

When I try to sing I sound like Florence Foster Jenkins singing Andrew Lloyd Webber. Stupid me posted two recordings of me singing with a sore throat (one actually isn’t that bad) on a Cafe Society thread and got a snarky and totally accurate comment. (If you go to that thread please DON’T click on the second link). And as I said, it’s my own fault.

The thing is I’m a relatively competent singer. I would even go so far as to say I’m “good”. A few years back I did a high school performing arts night in my high school’s (packed and large) hall and at the end of it this boy about my brother’s age (so younger than me) and who I didn’t know at all (just to be clear no-one in my family knew him either) turned to me and said, “Hey, good singing.”

Not “Hey… (er how do I make this girl feel good since she was crap)… good singing.”
But “Hey, good singing.” Again, I had no idea who this was. And they told me my singing was good. The other thing is that a month or so ago someone I barely knew from high school told me that she looked me up on Facebook because her dad wanted to see if there was a video of me singing somewhere on the Internet. She said “he loved it and still talks about it.”

Also I notice that I tend to get into more Internet arguments when I spend most of my time on the Internet and I’d like to decrease the number of Internet arguments I get into.

So anyone have tips on spending less time off the computer? Or even experienced this themselves? Or am I alone here?

To spend less time off the computer, spend more time on the computer.

Crap I made a mistake. I meant less time on the computer. :wink:

There’s no magic trick. It’s all about self-control and diversifying your interests. Either you’re on the computer or you’re doing something else. So do something else.